New Release of British UFO Files 3-Mar-2011

On Thursday, March 2, the British government released more than 8000 pages of information pertaining to UFO sightings. These files were formerly classified and contain a wealth of information. Included in the files are drawings, descriptions, witness statements and photographs. Downloading of the files is available at (link) and will be free of charge for one month.

There are quite a few compelling UFO sightings and encounters contained in the files; there’s even a few that will make you laugh. You can even read about the only UFO debate held in the House of Lords, conducted in January, 1979, if you so desire.

One of the more interesting UFO encounters occurred in 1990 over the North Sea. According to the pilot’s statement, he was flying at Mach 0.8 and was overtaken by another aircraft. The pilot said the aircraft was like nothing he had ever seen. Even though it was described in great detail by the pilot, the Ministry of Defense attributed it to a Russian rocket booster reentering the earth’s atmosphere.
A rather comical UFO encounter was reported in October 1998 by a man sitting is his garden having a drink late one evening. His account tells of “a large cigar shaped vehicle with large projectiles on each side like wings”. The next morning after realizing that he had gained an hour’s time, he stated that not only did he see a ufo, but he must have been abducted due to the gain of an additional hour. With tongue in cheek, the ministry official replied that his cigar shaped vehicle was a plane and the time difference was due to the turning back of the clocks.
There is a witness statement from an airline pilot from Hellingly, East Sussex who saw an object containing 3 circles fly past his garden. His sighting was called a report made by a credible witness.

Nick Pope, who was instrumental in obtaining release of current and previous files, is encouraging everyone to peruse the information. “These files show whatever you think about UFOs,” said Nick, “this is a mystery that isn’t going to go away.” According to Nick, “This is a mystery that…still enjoys huge public interest.”

Rendlesham Forest file missing

Not only are the files significant for the information they contain, they also significant for what may be missing. Documents show officials were concerned about files pertaining to the Rendlesham Forest incident. Apparently there is information missing from the December 1980 incident investigation; files appear to have been destroyed. This UFO encounter is Britain’s most famous and well documented. One can only speculate as to what was contained in the destroyed files and who ordered the destruction.
An interesting quote found in the House of Lord’s 1979 debate is attributed to Lord Stabolgi, government spokesman, who was delivering the summation. “There is nothing to convince Her Majesty’s government that there has ever been a single visit by an alien spacecraft. As for telling the public the truth about UFOs, the truth is simple….but there is a wide range of natural explanations to account for such phenomena,” said Lord Stabolgi. Exactly what the world’s governments are still saying today! (C) 2011

Nick Pope: British UFO files released – March 2011

Bill Birnes about UK Releases UFO Files March 2011
The United Kingdom released approx 8000 UFO cases on 3/3/2011

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  1. Makes me wonder if this is being released for the upcoming &quot;Full Disclosure&quot; or if it&#39;s related to Project Blue Beam in some way.<br /><br />I watched the Project Disclosure again the other day, after I learned of a link to the project with none other than the Rockerfeller family, who are said to have actually funded the Project.<br /><br />Check this out :

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