UFO recorded flying near NASA’s STS-133 Discovery? 24-Feb-2011

UFO video 2011 – On 3rd March 3rd NASA has released the videos made by the cameras attached to the left Solid Rocket Booster on STS-133 Discovery, which film the lift off and keep filming even when the rockets are jettisoned above the atmosphere and during their fall, until they hit the sea. Right after the re-entrance, the aft camera of the rocket caught a discoid UFO flying below and very close. This video, recorded on 24th February 2011 could be the smoking gun proof ever seen in NASA videos, since the STS-75 “Tether Incident”.

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  1. Looks like a parachute to me not an Orb. The view is looking back up with deployment lines and Apex probably from the other booster. But not a UFO

  2. i saw that video early on youtube. a lot of people says this is a part of the rocket or a parachute, but have in mind that this camera is under the sts, under the heavier part. so it isn't possible this is a parachute!

  3. The only discoid thing I saw was the pilot parachute open and below him and slightly on his right, two reflections (lens flares) on the camera lens. <br />Where is the flying saucer?<br /><br />(Portugal)

  4. dude,<br /><br />the first video you clearly stated, watch the timer, when the parachutes are open! I counted it, the rocket&#39;s parachute opened around or after 335sec.<br /><br />And now you&#39;re telling me that after 335 you see an ufo below, where the other fuel containers just got their parachute opened, and you CLEARLY SEE the parachute rope&#39;s as well, as the rocket start swinging.<

  5. Perhaps they&#39;ve traveled across interstellar space because they&#39;re interested in our advanced solid rocket booster technology.<br /><br />This video is certified 100% UFO free. By the way, I love the paranoia. Posts that contain &quot;It&#39;s not on YouTube anymore, so what are they hiding?&quot; are absolutely ridiculous. How about this? Why not find the very same video on Nasa.gov?

  6. All of you are right.This site doesn&#39;t tell you it&#39;s real that&#39;s up to us to decide .This is no UFO.

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