The Significance of Planet X

The universe is an astounding thing full of galaxies, planets, and stars. From where we sit, we can watch the stars and can look at the planets. Astronauts can visit the moon, we send probes to planets in our solar system. We explore what we can, we watch, we wait, and sometimes we get a tiny peek into the deeper nature of our universe and the possibilities it holds for us. We, of course, understand that life on other planets is a practical matter of fact, and that these forms of life may easily have large impacts on our daily lives already, and if not now then in the future. However, have we yet considered the possibility of a planet having a great impact on ours?
Of course we are aware that the moon effects the tide and that the sun is essential to our way of life. We are also aware that there are planets besides those in our solar system floating around in space. So, what of the possibility of one of those planets changing our daily lives? There is at least one planet, called Planet X, that could do just that.
It is thought that Planet X will make an appearance near our planet shortly before the poles shift, approximatively a week beforehand. While it will not appear large at first, it will be accompanied by two tails and an envoy of space rocks. The planet itself will not appear much larger than our own moon, but its accompaniment will make the spectacle much larger.
Planet X’s presence will likely cause a great distortion in our own planet’s geographic set up. It is expected that the strange planet will cause the pole shift to be altered radically, leaving both the magnetic and geographic north pole in Brazil. The radical change in the location of the North Pole will likely have been caused by a great disturbance in the earth’s crust. Planet X will have re-aligned our crust on our core.
It is also expected that there will be some sort of resonance between our planet and Planet X, causing great bolts of lightning to pass between the two planets. This will shake loose the envoy of rocks from around Planet X and they will fall onto our planet. While our atmosphere will burn some of these space rocks up, it is quite possible that enough of them will survive to bombard Earth in a torrent of minerals.
Of course, as frightening as this might sound, it does not mean the end of the world. Our Earth will be left intact, and as ingenious as humans are, we will survive to rebuild again. The Universe is full of possibilities, including the possibility of starting over again to build a better world, because along with possibilities the Universe is full of opportunity and chance. (c) 2011

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  1. Planet X does not exist. If it did, not only NASA, but every amateur astronomer on the planet would have spotted and photographed it by now. This article is total rubbish with no supporting evidence whatsoever.

  2. True. Nasa & astronomers are the ones best positioned to spot it. However, not quite with a 'backyard telescope' so, a little bit more 'power' is needed, meaning infrared for instance. 'Planet X' (X stands for incognit) has a lot of different names for the same (theoretical) object: Marduk/Nibiru for the ancient Sumer people as the 12th planet, Destroyer in the Kolbrin

    • certainly it exists…look at the constellation Leo on google earth/sky, turn on iras inrfared then look slightly ahead of Leo's front leg….there are 2 areas of concern only visible under infrared

  3. Well then call it a comet Elenin then!<br />Lets re-name Big Foot hairy unemployed forest bloke while we are t it.<br />MMMMMMMmmmmmmm….. .. . . . .

  4. ELENIN is a comet – not a planet. It won&#39;t come anywhere near Earth. Current estimates are that at its closest pass it will be 100 times farther away from Earth than the moon is. It is also too small to even have a gravitational field – let alone have enough of a presence to realign the Earth&#39;s crust on its core.<br />I love this site and come here all the time, but sensationalist

  5. Most of the articles on this site are at least somewhat substantiated with video. This Nibiru crap reeks of a thousand other doomsday prophecies that have come and failed over the years. <br /><br />Some people genuinely believe that Earth&#39;s narrative must end during their own lifetimes – an astonishingly arrogant and crazy viewpoint for anyone to truly believe.

  6. Elenin has a estimated size (nucleus) of +/- 4Km, but it is a unknown body: last passage on earth nobody was here to take a note. He can be smaller but with a tail of 100M Km, just like Comet Hyakutak in 1996: only 2Km in diameter but 500 millions Km in tail behind him. But the thing is: just like Elenin come &#39;out of the blue&#39; some other giants comets can do the same. Here&#39;s an

  7. why don&#39;t everyone just shut up 🙂 Eventually time will tell and we can only hope it will be in our lifetime…. people be modest, no one knows truly anything, only what we are told to believe from all differnt points of view. Its a toss up….

    • Well u can call it whatever u wish to, but something BIG is on it&#39;s way to pass by earth at an estimated distance of 10 million miles,u say that&#39;s not THAT close. Well take in consideration that the tail is 5 million miles long and it thrashing back and forth like a high pressure water hose and is expelling meteors and other space debris from it. U don&#39;t believe it, but just in case..

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