Daytime UFOs over south Ukraine, April 2011

UFO 2011 – Interesting daytime UFO video of unknown metallic object flying across the sky over south Ukraine. This footage was recorded in April 2011.
What is your opinion about this sighting? Real or a hoax? Leave your comments below!

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  1. At first I thought these were simply balloons, but after analyzing the video I realized these objects were added digitally. <br /> <br />The best example to support this is the last object on the video. Watch at the 40sec point as it gets caught in frame before passing behind the light post, then continues on. Also watch as it disappears after passing the power line at 45secs, then reappears

  2. Nope, I&#39;m wrong. Digital tearing is caused by the crappy video quality. He must have been using a cell phone camera. These are balloons or lanterns.

  3. Someone took the trouble of importing Chinese Lanterns to the UKRAINE? and since when do chinese lanterns travel at that type of speed, must have been some POWERFUL WINDS!<br />Stop living in denial , it is what it is accept it and move on. Everyone is too worried about debunking it because we ALWAYS have answers right?!

  4. The unfortunate thing is that the burden of proof is on someone to prove that these are NOT balloons or lanterns. Because of the shitty film quality, it is impossible to say how large these objects are or how far away they are, therefore no one can say how fast they are moving.<br /><br />Personally, I believe in UFOs. However, I do not automatically assume every crappy video of objects in the

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