Dead alien found in Siberia, 2011 – Update!

Strange Siberian Sight

April 20, 2011 – Irkutsk, Russia has claimed more than a few sightings of UFOs and brushes with the extraterrestrial, in fact there are many claims made each year, so it may not seem so unusual that there is yet another encounter claimed now. The remarkable aspects of this particular encounter are that the unusual alien creature was dead and that it was filmed. There has been no confirmation yet as to whether the corpse like object in the snow is, in fact, alien, puppet, or something else.
The alien body was found by two Russian men in a depression in the snow, by what appears to be uprooted tree roots. It has a humanoid shape, it has arms and legs as well as a skull shaped similarly to that of a humans though the dome of the skull appears to be longer. The skull has deep holes for both eyes and a mouth, though no immediately apparent indication of a nose. The “corpse” is missing part of its left leg and partially buried in the snow. It is approximately two feet in hight and fairly thin.
Those who believe this creature to be extra terrestrial believe that there may be some correlation between its death and a claimed UFO crash in the same area approximately a month earlier. Theories include the possibility that it died in the supposed crash, and was left behind, or that a special division of the Russian military devoted to addressing extraterrestrial related problems missed it while cleaning up the supposed UFO crash.
Those who do not believe this creature to be extra terrestrial believe it to be some sort of puppet or home made figure. They believe that it is a hoax set up, possibly to gain attention in an area that is already considered a ” UFO hotspot”.
There has not, as of yet, been any new information reported as to whether an autopsy has been taken or if anyone has moved the body at all. While it certainly is very strange looking, we will have to wait for further investigation takes place to draw any real conclusions as to the true nature of the humanoid body. (c) 2011
UFO Alien Body Discovered In Buryatia Russia April 2011

April 22, 2011 Update! (Russia Today) has reported that the “dead alien ” found in Siberian Russia was nothing more than a hoax. The supposed alien corpse was two feet high and badly mutilated, found partially buried in the snow by two Russian men. Because the body was so humanoid in appearance, a news paper editor to whom the story had been submitted called the police, fearing that it was the body of an infant or a young child, instead of the body of an extra-terrestrial.
Upon being confronted by the police, who took the report seriously and began investigating, the men who “found” the dead alien admitted to it being fake. They said it was chicken skin that had been stuffed with bread and painted ” alien colours”. The men were not charged with any sort of crime, as creating a hoax is not a crime, however they were apparently reprimanded for their actions, which caused a police investigation. Furthermore, the crash landing that some believed the alien body to have come from, are now said to be bombing testing that had been taking place at a near by Military testing range.
While there is proof positive that this particular incident is not, indeed, a real alien , one should not consider it proof negative of extra-terrestrial life.
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  1. Most of the hype in the global network has produced a video which has been laid residents of Buryatia. In the plot you can clearly see the dead creature, apparently remotely similar to a human.<br /><br /><br />&quot;Cameraman&quot; has shown a doll &quot;under the Alien&quot; made his own dough and covered with chicken skin<br />Youtube video appeared on April 14, it posted a user

  2. Unfortunately, this is a hoax. Turns out the person responsible for this made the &quot;alien&quot; out of chicken skin and bread, then painted it. Would be a-lot cooler if it were real. Too bad!

  3. THE FOOTAGES (compilation) on News ABOUT THE CRASH (who is in possible relation with the body):<br /><br />

    • ok howmany chickens did they have to skin to make this dude and do you really think somone would go through all that trouble making an alien body out of chicken skin and bread are you fucking kidding me i think this shit is real

  4. Guys, the update of it being fake might be big time cover-up by the world leaders! Media will always lie. Who the hell on earth after seeing this would think it s a child. It&#39;s a made up story by KGB, also controlled by the Illuminati, or whatever to make it look like it&#39;s hoax. It s a big maybe… but honestly, i dont think those two idiotic men have the capacity in any kind to make a

  5. i also agree it not to be a hoax.why on earth these people will make a funny story and trouble themselves.They have shown the world ,what they have actually seen.But things are always not shown what they are should be …

  6. hmmmm… true, if i were there i would&#39;ve touched to see if it was chicken skin or not. Cause how about that flesh on missing leg that isn&#39;t chicken isn&#39;t it. Someone has to be hiding something, weird things are happening. I want to know it after all we might just learn something from the aliens. Looking at the bright side here. 🙂

  7. I believe that it&#39;s just fake.The people who made this hoax would have thought that they would be awarded by discovering such a strange creature.Neethisaravan.S FROM INDIA

    • I belive it is fake as well but has very good detail like in the movies like mars attack and signs and more the creator ov this vedio is just trying too get rich quick will i do not beleve it at all

  8. ok first of all you have to study this video multiple time in order to be able to say its fake, it is clearly not chicken skin becase chicken skin is thick and non transparent as opposed to the alien skin is translucent as you can see veins with fluid still i them, the face has similar bone stucture as humans, high cheeck bones and temporal depressing in the head just like a human skull, mandible

  9. That&#39;s not bread where the leg is severed, and I&#39;ve never seen a chicken that had a belly button, and this thing seems to have what appears to be teeth. If you&#39;ve ever seen a starve child in africa you&#39;d also know that the stomache also begins to swell, much like what you see hear. there are numerous species of aliens and this is just one of them similar to the greys. I give it a

  10. Much like you see hear….. hmm shouldn&#39;t that be here? maybe before trying to be scientific you should use the right words ;). Alien or hoax tell me does it really matter? I believe in aliens yes cause one would be stupid to think we are the only living things in this whole freakin universe. Shit we dont even know if there is another universe we don&#39;t even know whats in this one. If they

  11. i am a believer and from watching this video over and over i would have no doubt that this is some sort of alien species. when you really look at this thing you can see the veins and discolor of the skin. if these men really did make this from chicken scratch then damn they put alot of work and detail in this thing.

  12. I can say that this maybe no joke. plus it looks to me like its in fact a real Alien. i somewhat hate people think its a fake. I believe in these Russian men who stumbled upon it. I say people needs to wake up and see that we are not ones in the Universe and there living things out there. I would love to see more evidence later on this year. I just believe in them a lot.

  13. I have to ask this but why do people believe that aliens even look like this? They could look like anything even humans… or you could all be morons or thinking they look like this because well you have no proof they look like this for real or not, so stop with the damn fakes already!If aliens do come here why would they even be &quot;oh hey look at me!&quot; no they would hide! and you wouldn&#

  14. spine looks too small to support the head theres a lack of hands and feet(witch would be difficult to fake so why add them at all)and the proportions of the limbs in comparision to the body and head would make simple actions like scratching or moving around a small ship room very difficult besides the race would have to be beyond advanced to travel without clothes or backup or rations or weapons

  15. It&#39;s fake – are you people just trolling or do you actually believe this is real? If people back in the 80s had the technology to create realistic looking creatures (such as those seen in Aliens etc), then why can&#39;t someone make a fake one, stick it in some snow then tape it? Why do people say &#39;oooh this is too hard to make&#39;.. you know the Alien Queen from 1986&#39;s Aliens was a

  16. People who believe this can only be fake are idiots and would believe any bullshit goverments would tell you. Of course if its real they will cover it up and tell you the same bullshit about a military training exercise gone wrong. Im not saying for one minute that this is real but get one thing straight we aint the only living things in this gigantic universe

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