Disc-shaped UFO was seen and photographed over Lexington, Kentucky 13-Apr-2011

Latest UFO sightings – This daytime UFO photograph of unknown disc-shaped object was taken in Lexington, Kentucky, United States on Wednesday, 13th April 2011.
Witness report: I was out in my back yard in Lexington when i happened to look up towards the south east and a white flash caught my eye. Could not tell what it was but it was white in color and what looked to be flashing (this is in full sunlight) I then noticed off to its left a second object of similar size and activity to the right of it. I observed this for about 2 minutes while i had one of my sons grab my camera. within about a minute or so the 2 objects got closer together and were side by side both still flashing white. (possibly a tumbling motion)

My son not finding my camera forced me to go in the house and get it. figuring on the speed they were moving they would be in front of the house when i got back outside I went out front only to find 1 of the 2 objects more to the east now where i snapped a few photos before i lost sight of it behind the trees about a half mile away.
Author (source: mufon)

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  1. Jacurlz on youtube My sighting is called "something in the sky." I live in Kentucky. I do not know how to add the link

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