New footage of UFO activity over Artesia in New Mexico – April 2011

UFO sightings 2011 – New video of UFO activity in the night sky over Artesia, New Mexico. This was recorded in early April 2011.
Witness report: OK this lasted over an extended period of time. Last flash is 0047 so NOT a satellite IMO. Play full screen and you can see the capture times. Unless somehow it still reflects light because of the Moon out??? I still think it being a satellite at that time of the night to be almost impossible.
Author (ufonv @ youtube)

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  1. I would be more interested in the light that streaks across the bottom left corner at 5 secs into this video. Still, there is not much to go on here.

  2. I have totally seen this flash a couple of times. First you see it and doubt, but then it happens again and it's bright like a big camera flash only more star like.It becomes harder to explain away. So now I just accept it.

  3. i'v seen the flash on many occations…not sure what it is.but would think it could be sattalites catching the suns rays,,,,,just a thought.

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