UFO in the sky over Rockingham, Western Australia 13-Apr-2011

UFO sightings 2011 – New video of unknown bright object in the night sky over Rockingham in Western Australia. This was taken on Wednesday, 13th April 2011.
Witness report: Strange Red Orb. It had no strobe and it was silent and changed Directions pretty easily and just hovered for a good couple of minuets.
Author (AustralianPhenomena @ youtube)

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  1. other people must of seen this as well, I've seen NO other reports to the area your talking about and I live in Safety Bay..wonder what it was..

  2. The video authors are likely liars. Anyone that criticises their videos is immaturely harassed and their comments deleted. Shady stuff – don't trust it.

  3. HAHAHA dave get over it man I banned you from alien addictions for a reason and now you try and turn people against me as revenge pfft XD<br /><br />By the way Alien Photog and Miss Ap and the rest of the alien addictions community love the Dave Video&#39;s Me and alexi made!<br /><br />Check them out people here<br />: http://www.youtube.com/user/Daveisgayify

  4. These guys are fraudsters. The attitude with the link above should show they are immiture kids getting 15 minutes of fame from satelites.

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