UFO 2011: Possible TR-3B sighting over Oregon, US 19-Apr-2011

UFO 2011 – Triangle-shaped UFO (possible Tr-3b) with one red pulsating light in the center of the craft. This footage was recorded in Oregon, United States on Tuesday, 19th April 2011.

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  1. I don&#39;t believe this video is legit. I think this person is filming a reflection in a river or lake which makes it seem like something floating in the night sky. <br /><br />Pay close attention and you can actually hear the sound of water throughout the video, as if this person is standing on shore.<br /><br />Also, the lights that track by at 40 secs and 1 min are likely cars crossing a

  2. Funny how the skeptics keep trolling UFO sighting websites to pick &quot;fake&quot; on every video, and then try AGAIN to tell everyone the videos are something explainable. And that TR3B excuse? PA-LEEEZZZ. Stop with the crap already. Might be 1, yeah. But a fleet of them flying around the world over Russia and other countries? Crock of bullsheet if ever I heard a gov&#39;t sock account

  3. I believe in UFOs but I am also a skeptic, especially when it comes to videos like this. I think aliens are out there and that they have visited our planet. However, I do not believe that this video is proof! <br /><br />I have seen a few videos which I believe are legitimate but they are few and far between. Anyone who believes EVERYTHING he or she sees is a fool. These videos are very easy to

  4. sorry,they are real+always have been.not to our selves alone,on a monitored net,not even in oregon 04/19/11.who would like to interview that first space pilot that took a unit out there at light speed.

  5. Has anyone heard about the incident in Sweet Home, Oregon around Sept. of 2010? I can&#39;t seem to find any information on it. Here&#39;s what I know. At around 6pm that day my husband commented on the airstream that was really low in the sky; wondering what could have caused something like it. We live an hour from Sweet Home in Albany. Later that night we learned that family in Sweet Home was

  6. 4th of July weekend 2011, Broken Bow lake, OK., 5 of us on motorcycle trip rented a houseboat overnight, sky watching after sundown about 9:00-10pm on upper deck, we all saw this exact object from directly underneath, almost no sound, did not see the 2 front lights directly but did see beams like forward headlights. 3 white lights in triangle, one flashing red light in middle, no visible shape,

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