UFO sightings 2011: Unknown lights in the sky over Kansas City, Kansas 6-Apr-2011

Latest UFO sightings –  This video of multiple unknown lights in the sky over Kansas City in Kansas were recorded on Wednesday, 6th April 2011 around 8:30 pm.

Witness report: 5 Amber lights in a “V” shape over Kansas City Kansas
Wednesday April 6, 2011 approximately 8:30pm CST. I was stopped at a stop sign at the intersection of 8300 and Parallel Parkway, Kansas City, Kansas looking towards the north. I saw 5 amber glowing lights in a “V” formation going from the northeast to the southwest. I thought these were not FAA standard lighting for aircraft, and the fact that they were amber glowing lights with no strobe or flashing effect (constant glow). My next thought was to get to higher ground to get a better visual of the event. Then I realized I had to drive the 3 blocks west on Parallel to get my camera to document the event immediately. Upon entering the garage door, I ran into the house and had my wife retrieve the camera telling her “there are UFO’s flying over the house right now”. We went into the driveway and could see above and slightly north of our home two amber lights and started taking camera video.
The objects passed directly above us with no sound at all. They were in a constant distance from each other. As it went over, the back light seemed to radiate around the other light as they headed in tandem southwest over Parallel Parkway. The farther south they went the leading light seemed to flicker and disappear, then the following light dissipated the same fashion.
My feeling during the event was “I need to get home to get my camera to document as it goes over my neighborhood”. My wife got on the internet and tried to see if anyone else was seeing this phenomenon. She ended up calling Fox 4 television to see if anyone else had reported this, they wanted the video. It was posted to Facebook, no one called back to confirm our information.
Author (source: mufon)

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  1. Very interesting. Saw the exact same lights (2) on the same night in southeast Kansas and they were traveling north towards Kansas City. Never seen anything quite like it. Definitely caught my attention as they had no sound and the light color did not resemble any known aircraft I have seen before.

  2. We seen these lights last night in Washington. It was the most amazing thing. My husband pointed them out to me and I called the kids down so they could also watch them. I have never personally seen anything like this. We were in awe they changed formations from a triangle to a straight line. then two of them shot off in one direction and the last one hovered for a few seconds then faded.

  3. I was sitting out on my deck last night in Spanaway, Washington last night June 22 2011 When something caught my eye which looked like a shooting star at first. It started out dim and then got brighter traveling without a noise as fast as a shooting star but instead of dissipating like a shooting star does it seemed to get closer and brighter almost as close as a plane then it slowed down very

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