Daytime UFO activity over Nürnberg in Germany 18-May-2011

UFO sightings 2011 – Interesting daytime video of UFO activity in the sky over Langwasser in Nürnberg, Germany. This was recorded on Wednesday, 18th May 2011.

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  1. a little odd that the plane taking off to the right seems to have come from what looks like the same location as the UFO.

  2. I throughly enjoyed this seems to me it may just be a UFO but when it was put in slow motion it kinda looked like a bird flying.The way the body did.Please look carefully.

  3. THAT IS A UFO because I´ve filmed it!!<br />And you´re right, No Vapur trail,.. don´t know why that happened like that!!<br />That Ufo is actually a Twin-Type-Ufo, flying almost towards myself to the top left corner. The camaras setting is almost facing upwards, that´s why it appears as if it´s shoting into the sky like a rocket! Last night I´ve filmed another one of so many,… and there you can

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