Daytime UFO or Orb was seen and filmed over Chicago, Illinois 27-May-2011

UFO 2011 – This daytime footage of gold sphere hovering in the sky over Chicago, IL was recorded on Friday, 27th May 2011.
Witness report: I saw this gold shape shifting UFO sphere flying over Chicago May 27, 2011. This is the 3rd time this year I have seen it. It also flew over on 4/29 and 5/22. It appeared as a point of light looking East towards the Downtown. It was a gold sphere then a diamond shape back to a sphere it seemed to flicker and change from copper to burnt orange back to gold color. I saw to seperate MUFON reports of this being seen over Chicago I will include the links to those sightings and my own here in the description. Thanks for watching friend comment subscribe.
Author (guttergawker @ youtube)

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  1. Another one. Normally I would say this is a balloon but these kind of sightings are increasing in occurrence and they can't all be balloons.

  2. I saw something very similar over the western Chicago suburbs on Saturday night. Waiting on approval here for it to be posted. My video is not as good and its shot at around 10pm at night but it traveled the same, same arc, same speed, same color!

  3. Wow, I had a sighting the next day at 2100. I was in Deerfield IL, and staring in the direction of Lake Michigan when I saw multiple object similar to what you described heading toward the same direction. They were consistently lit, and did not exhibit your typical strobe patterns of aircraft at night. Go here to see the video I took:

  4. I saw it in LA in 4/28, 5/21, and last Friday on 5/27. Same thing you saw … how many balloons are there … really. This flew hgher than the plans that flew under it. That's one hell of a balloon! Thank you, Cathy St George

  5. Mottled Clouds==UFO'"s"'Daytime gold sphere CHICAGO,27,may,2011 freeze frames more as like in NASA's videos.probable no worry species,different than others of concern

  6. I'd like to speak to the person who saw this ufo and anyone else who has encountered ufo's or unusual extraterrestrial occurrances in or around Chicago. I've experienced many in my life including the Phoenix triangle in 1997. I will tell you this, that there is some sort of ufo activity going on in several forest preserves in the suburb of Chicago, one particular is in Elmwood park,

  7. After seeing the "Chicago" video, I have to agree, the craft is unidentifiable. Thanks for the clarity.

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