UFOs during tornadoes in Oklahoma – May 2011 UPDATE

Latest UFO sightings – Unknown bright UFOs or orbs were recorded flying across the sky over Oklahoma during recent tornadoes in May 2011.


Saturday, 28th May 2011 Update:

New high quality video of UFOs or orbs during the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma.

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  1. I just wanted to say that I saw at least one of the exact same looking ufo's around a tornado that was on the news on CNN on wends night. Looked exactly the same and flew right up to and around the tornadope. IT WAS NOT debris, I saw trash and parts of homes flying around but you could obviously tell that it was not being affected by the tornados wind like the trash and debris was. Crazy…

  2. I observed this broadcast also. As I was looking at it, I found the objects to be out of place. If you noticed two or more objects were approaching the tornado from behind, while at the same time the tornado hit the truck and ripping it apart.<br /> But the objects being thrown into the air by the tornado was clearly the parts of the semis cargo van being ripped apart. And as it moved forward

  3. I do believe that we are not alone, but I don&#39;t think that these are UFOs… If you will watch closely, these are not actually moving. They appear to be, granted, but it is actually the helicopter that is doing the moving. The tornado is moving toward light poles, the helicopter is moving away and curving to the left, making it appear as if the lights are moving. jmho

  4. wow! I would have said it&#39;s all debris or even possibly ball lightning, which I have seen once and it did not look like this…UNTIL I see the light at the right of the screen barely move at the tornado passes right over it. This is a good one!

  5. Sure there&#39;s some debris, as in the footage, what appears to be debris is blown away from the tornado as it hits. The other objects seem to have a deliberate flight path, they aren&#39;t being blown around like everything else. The only way an object can follow the tornado is to be under its own power..wow, looks strange to me..

  6. These objects are too high up to be light posts. Plus there are a couple in the background that are blinking as it moves forward from the rear of the tornado. Maybe there will be more video coming out. I have seen a lot of footage and never anything close to this concerning debris following a tornado. I think that&#39;s what has me stunned..

  7. Some of the comments were posted before the HD version was added.I just saw the HD version,thanks for posting it.<br />The thing on the right seems to be ahead of the twister and seems not to move much as the twister passes by or right through it.This is very odd.

  8. Yes it looks odd.<br />Could that be a news helicopter the twister passes by,and maybe it is farther away then it looks in the video?

  9. are you sure it&#39;s not cgi? The objects look pretty clear and the rest looks pretty fuzzy. I am thinking also that the news repertory would have said something. The only thing that gives me doubt is the comment that Rickey left about seeing it on TV too. If this is not tampered with, it is most defiantly not debris.

  10. I saw the interview with the lucky trucker,sure glad he made it.Far as UFOs they are in the original video not CGI.I found no info that there were other helicopters present or not.If anyone has that info would be nice to know.If you have better theories I would like to read those too.<br />Might be a good idea to put this story back on page one of this site.Thanks!

  11. Hello, I am from where these videos were filmed. I can tell just by looking at these, that those are lights that are on the ground in our area. Sorry guys! The &quot;movement&quot; of these orbs are just caused by the movement of the news helicopter!

  12. Not to keep whipping a dead horse here,but good observation on the lights being on the ground.Perspective from the height of the camera shows that should be true.Helps to have a good monitor.I watched this on another PC with a slightly better monitor,and I could see more detail.<br />The light on right seems to be ahead of the funnel then seems to be pushed back a little as the funnel passes.I

  13. Come on ppl. I knowmost of you are intellgent. IT IS NOT debris obviously and If they are UFO&#39;s as they appear to be then they are most likeley 100s or 1000s of years more advanced then us. I would think that they would be able to protect their craft from a twister in the same way they are able to traverse the stars. A meteorite is way more damaging then a twister imo. Now imagine they have

  14. I looked at this footage again, still can&#39;t agree of it being lights on the ground. These lights are in the air/sky without polls attached to them. The highest object on the ground is an advertisement sign that gets pulverized, and even that isn&#39;t as high as the lights in the sky. Plus I looked at this in full view to see more detail. The objects again appears to blink as well as follow

  15. &quot;Have to say its moving forward towards the tornado and through it..guess some disagree with the obvious.&quot; <br /><br />It&#39;s also obvious that the moon is much bigger when it&#39;s closer to the horizon…but it aint

  16. I live in Northern Georgia and we had a lot of tornadoes at the beginning of march. I thought I saw a plane in one on them but there&#39;s no way a plane would even be allowed to fly then, right? Keep your mind open, I guess.

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