Leaked video of Roswell Grey alien? + 1948 “USAF shoot down UFO”

May 3, 2011 – This video was just posted online, allegedly leaked alien footage of UFO crash survivor in Roswell, New Mexico (Grey alien from Zeta Reticula). It was allegedly recorded between years 1942 and 1969 by US government agents. This short clip is only a part of 3 hours long video (which maybe doesn’t even exists).

I would like to know your opinion on this! Do you think it’s fake or real? I guess only time will tell…



USAF shoot down UFO in 1948 and retrieve occupants. Eight occupants were allegedly dead and 3 survived the crash. This footage was supposedly released with previous one about Roswell Grey extraterrestrial. This is all the information I got for now, so please leave a comment if you have more info about this incident or authentication of this video.


Thursday, 5th May 2011 Update!

Nick Pope about this recent Grey Alien video.

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  1. Fake, It&#39;s an animation, quite poor one too. Look at the eyebrows, it&#39;s &quot;texture&quot;; stretches when eyes closed.<br /><br />Then added some filters to make it look like old footage. I like the filter, but they failed with the eyes.<br /><br />But they are getting very close to flawless fakes.

  2. June 2010,two older grey&#39;s,were seen in a floating shape over the Okanagan Valley ,BC,Canada,no one was hurt.the Leaked Roswell video of younger grey,perhaps they age over time,not clone,just other beings.GOVERNMENT DID NOT NEED TO MESS WITH THE PUBLIC all these YEARS

  3. Blinking eyes, pronounced nose. This doesn&#39;t jive with reports of real greys. Would love to see the real footage, believe this one though is fake.

  4. this is animation. also, a video of this import would have been destroyed long before a leak could happen to it. as much as i would like it to be real, it is animation. the alien disclosure group originally posted this video, as well as the UAF shooting down ufo video, as well as the UFO hovers over car video. all fake, unfortunately, and they cannot be condoned. but that doesn&#39;t mean there

  5. interesting video ,liked the one video where they alien was holding hand with gov personnel , enjoyed reading the recent USA GOV released UFO FILES , vindicated sound minded 100% HUMAN &#39;s that have reported sightings are FREE + KNOW what they saw. LOOK AT ALL OF US HUMAN ON THE GLOBE sightings ,YOU ARE SMART,THIS UFO issue DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY EDUCATIONAL DEGREE,yet take time to consider WHY

  6. Humm… Shit; I don&#39;t know Natselane, It could be fake and I say it could be. In the other hand its the very first alien footage I see that represents a creature worthy to be called advanced just looking at its genetic design. Large cranium, long fingers, with its thumbs logically placed to manipulate delicate things, large expressive eyes and for the very first time, its wearing clothes! No

  7. I don&#39;t know where the people from Latest UFO Sightings are getting these footages from, they are very good. Who&#39;s releasing them? I can&#39;t recognize the logo at all. But I wouldn&#39;t be surprised, after all the recent governmental activity releasing (NSA, FBI, etc.) classified documents that these videos come out in the open. Maybe &quot;Disclosure&quot; is finally happening? I

    • Be careful what you wish for, they wait for true to life 3d anim to release a film, may wait for true to life animatronics to release real life &#39;alien&#39;, if they gave you a &#39;proof&#39; would you trust what they and their proof says

  8. it looks like CGI the movements of the head and eyes are too sequential and the head movement is common in cgi…i&#39;ma have to go with fake on this one

  9. My husband is a film maker and he thinks it could be real and if it&#39;s not, it&#39;s a seriously good fake. He pointed out that it was filmed off of a monitor playing the original and was likely originally filmed with a hand crank camera like this one: http://www.k3camera.com/ These hand cranked cameras were used by many militaries.<br /><br />He said that CGI is not likely and it would be an

  10. don&#39;t be fooled most would not know them if they saw them. they appear to many as greys, they may be.some are made of light that changes to darkness,{black to white},{1&#39;s&amp;0&#39;s} {flesh and blood}… many beings openly walk this earth and the human mind sees them all differently.seeing is believeing,remember earthlings are young to this cosmos. the power of friendship is known to

  11. In my opinion, this is CGI. There is less than 30 secs of overall footage of the alien in the top video because the final 10 secs is actually a replay of the original 10 secs of footage.<br /><br />The dead alien on the ground in the bottom video looks like the same puppet they used in the Alien Autopsy video. If there were eleven aliens found, why do we only see video of two? And why film in

  12. It looked very real until the camera man scanned slowly from his feet to his head as if &#39;the grey&#39; were in a clothing photo shoot. FAKE

  13. In my opinion this video is quite difficult to say if it´s false or real. Only a technician in videos can determine it. Watching the video this being doesn´t need a mask, so it can breath perfectly oxigen. When astronauts arrived to the moon, they needed special spacesuits to be able to resist the moon climate conditions. Hard to say something.

  14. i Know that there is the truth out there, but been kept Secret with these `Scenarios` to put it and keep everyone off track until the time that the truth will be revealed will be too late. They want to rid 85% of the population. If everyone was show and knew the truth what would society be like. Just our way of thinking would dramatically change. We` re all seeking the truth and want more out of

  15. I heard this was a &quot;leak&quot; as a promo for a new SciFi movie coming out this fall. (Of course, not a real &quot;leak&quot; but one designed to create &quot;buzz&quot;.. sorta like &quot;Cloverfield&quot;….

  16. I&#39;ve been a guinnea pig for a &quot;few&quot; Greys(&#39;89-&#39;96), and I&#39;ve NEVER seen them dress like that. But, on the other hand, This DOES look real[the &#39;48 Alien film].

  17. It looked real to me but, I don&#39;t know how any of the different alien people look. I know without a doubt that we are not alone since 1969 when I saw a UFO close up maybe 2 city blocks away. The craft did things that we can&#39;t do now. It did the east-west, north-south and straight up and down in 3-5 seconds. Then hovered about 200 feet in the air. When we called the radio station they said

  18. Fake, the facial features have a accurate resemblance to the artistic description of how a Alien will look like. Too good to be true

  19. ye is fake… cose old videos dont look like that is a lot of movimaker efect same like that ..<br /><br />good video but fake 🙁

  20. I took some pictures from the movie and used in photoshop filters, this movie appears to be collor and apply some black and white over it, because that time no color filters, when apply filters over the black and white there are no collors, because I used black and white films to test and all have no colors, when i applyed the filters they apeared some small collors dots on it! This happen

  21. YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK!!! <br />why do you have to act so much like you know everything?<br />why do I get so many alien heads calling it fake?<br />and what is more important: IF YOU KNOW SO MUCH ABOUT IT, WHY DON&#39;T YOU MAKE SOMETHING THAT LOOKS LIKE THIS CLIP??<br />WAIT… I KNOW WHY…. YOU CAN&#39;T AND YOUR ONLY EXCUSE WILL BE &quot;WHY BOTHER&quot;…. YOU KNOW WHAT? STICK YOUR CUT AND

  22. its totally fake, greys dont have eyelids or noses, from reports. and the movement looks like its from a video game. hope so would make a cool video game in black and white. nice try.

  23. What a fake, come on, it looks like a cartoon post card. Black and white movies show more color than this computorized clip. <br />And if something like this creator does exsist, it likes to stay hidden, because they are the demons that can&#39;t materialize into anything else!

  24. First would like to thank Anonymous 3:48 PM, JULY 07, 2011 for saying what I also feel. Many copies of these old film-clips on YouTube at this point all presented in different ways. The claims made here are not accurate. This is NOT Roswell. We do not know if they are Reticulians. We do not know if these are the so-called Greys, OK? I do not know why the YT video linked here decided to make

  25. I&#39;m a nurse and the expressions look real; yes, I believe we are looking at a real alien: and may god damn, for eternity, the person in the next life if this was faked. We need to make real contact, share technology, and improve mankind before we destroy this planet, ourselves, and our children&#39;s future.

  26. From what I&#39;ve learnt this looks like it could be &#39;airl&#39; a female stationed at the domain and the only survivor of roswel crash. . . . electricuted by the American government because they were unable to communicate with her directly. . . . look up &#39;Matilda o&#39;donnell&#39; alien interview

  27. Nick Pope says it&#39;s fake but he doesn&#39;t give any proof or argument, and due to the fact he&#39;s a disinformation agent of the british ministry of defense I would tend to think that it&#39;s a real video.

  28. you and that other dumbass should realize its fake. when i first saw it i was laughing my ass off. i was like i wonder what dumb Fs gonna make an argument that its real<br /><br /><br />Anonymous said… <br />First would like to thank Anonymous 3:48 PM, JULY 07, 2011 for saying what I also feel. Many copies of these old film-clips on YouTube at this point all presented in different ways.

  29. To me it could be real,<br /><br />because it don&#39;t looks like the alleged normal stupid grey storys, like that birdbrained statement they wearing no clothes (Elias) and have no nose.<br /><br />If a civilisation have the ability to build spaceships and use metal they would not do that naked.<br /><br />You have forgotten what are clothes are made for <br />-&gt;PROTECTION &lt;-<br />and

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