UFO 2011: Unknown bright object above Gothenburg, Sweden – April 2011

UFO sightings 2011 – Interesting daytime video of bright UFO hovering above Gothenburg in Sweden. This footage was recorded in April 2011.

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  1. Dude, that's not in Glasgow, god dammit, it's just outside Gothenburg in Sweden, like it says in the beginning of the video.

  2. The second largest airport in all of Sweden is in Gothenburg. There is no reason to believe that these are not ALL airplanes. <br /><br />The first light grows very bright as it banks and shines it&#39;s landing lights directly at the camera. It then begins to climb and goes behind cloud cover. This is when the camera operator claims it &quot;vanishes!&quot;<br /><br />Then he films an airplane

  3. that is not true video. that is a video playing while pointing a laser divvice from a projector from the other side of the tripod. you can try to do it.<br /> i want some more specific idea tsek the video from philippines. but i am not tottaly approving it because it is maybe a firing squad from above from military. as you will see their is no volume input in the video from philippines.

  4. I don&#39;t care what anyone says…these are NOT airplanes coming at you. These are being noticed and filmed now all over the world. You have to give people some credit because they&#39;re not all that stupid to not know the obvious difference between a plane coming at you and these anomalous lights. Those that claim these to be just planes by only looking at a video is absolutely ridiculous and

  5. I&#39;m a believer, but you seem to be making assumptions re chasing a ufo with a huge lumbering slow plane instead of a fighter jet!! Think about it my friend!<br /><br />Keep filming by all means but say little.<br /><br />Kindest regards,<br /><br />ommiN

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