Roswell, Stalin, The Little People and Area – Paranormal Report 67 24-May-2011

Paranormal Report 67: Roswell, Stalin, The Little People and Area
With Clayton Morris and Jim Harold
Tuesday, 24th May 2011


The guys discuss a theory on Area 51 that is totally wild yet strangely plausible, UFO sightings, bee killing mobile phones, zombie ants and more on this episode of TPR!

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  1. The bible was a fairy tale..yeah why would anybody waste the time to write a book like that. Theres just so much evidence about afterlife and UFO's, I think its pathetic how people are still being closed minded about these subjects. I mean really, look at the face on mars, the ufos found in ancient paintings, battle of los angeles, area 51, and the list goes on and on. out of the millions of

  2. How could russia engineer a flying saucer which is probably 1 million years ahead of its time. Did you ever see the speed at which these UFO travel ??? And on that of that, they had to engineer midgets to fly these things ??? Seems like a lot of work for nothing ? I mean, this story is even more ridiculous that thinking that real UFO crashed… geese

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