UFO activity over Honolulu, Hawaii 19-May-2011

UFO 2011 – New video of unknown lights hovering in the sky over Honolulu in Hawaii. This footage was recorded on Thursday, 19th May 2011.
Witness report: I was on my lanai looking over the Koolau Mountians (9:05-9:10) when I saw two lights flying from Kaneohe way. Thinking they were helicopters, I watched them fly closer and unlike in prior obversations, did not see any other lights on the craft. Usually, you can hear the sound of aircraft from a rather long way off. As you watch, notice there is no sound, none at all coming from the lights. These “helicopters” were not flying in any normal flight path. I ran in the house, grabbed my video camera, and went to the lanai facing Honolulu. There I was able to shakily find and record them. So as the I comment and reflect on what we just saw, my wife says, “there’s another one!” I was able to locate that one quicker and you also can see the eave of my roof and the third light. It was moving fairly slowly for how close they seemed to be. I see many types of aircraft such as passenger jets, F-22 Raptors, Air Force tankers and quite a few different helicopters. These lights resembled nothing that I have ever seen! TRUE Unidentified Flying Object!!
Author (Mr1fedupdude @ youtube)

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  1. It was the worst view of a ufo i ever saw, in honolulu and because there was no sound it was a star not a ufo..

  2. My wife and I saw the same thing last night! No noise moving fast and continuous dark Orange light! With uncommon speed its light built up and shot out of sight.

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