Video compilation of 2011 UFO activity over Texas, US

UFO sightings 2011 – Compilation of UFO videos recorded in the sky over Texas in United States in year 2011.

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  1. with these passive night vision videos, you really need to record where and when they were taken. If just after sunset or just before sunrise, then they are likely birds. If in the middle of the night, then they would have to be very high altitude (satellites etc).

  2. Birds–all those dots are birds migrating at night. I think it's esp true of the first pair where it appears one is hit by the small plane. The Flimsy Doughnut is probably something that we don't perceive with our eyes as it seems they show up in night vision videos. But all the other objects are Birds.

  3. Most of the objects filmed are just birds migrating at night. Some are satellites or airplanes. The object at 50 secs is a reflection of some sort.<br /><br />These are not UFOs.

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