UFOs over Indian Head in Maryland 28-May-2011

UFO sightings 2011 – New video of possible UFO activity over Indian Head in Maryland. This was recorded on Saturday, 28th May 2011.
Witness report: I live in Indian head, md. Last night there were these glowing balls of light in the sky. These police were out in my neighborhood along with the fire department, along with just about everyone in the neighborhood, looking up in the sky. The balls of light were glowing Orange, kind of like pulsating. But for some reason the color orange or the pulsating didn’t show in the video. There were 6 of them but I only captured 4 on my shitty cell phone recorder. There has been nothing on the news about it or anything. I know what I saw with my own eyes, I have never seen anything like it. Could you tell me what you think?
Author: Rob H
source: submitted to www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net

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  1. I think you saw 4 UFOs and BTW I could see the fourth one in the upper left. How exciting, I live in Maryland and would love to see something like this.

  2. Indistinct, fuzzy spots of light, moving very slowly, in apparently the same direction with (I assume)no sound are probably military helicopters or small planes several miles away. The have omnidirectional lighting at night. A bright point of light can be seen for a long distance if the air is fairly clean. Generally a point of light like this can be focused to a few pixels, even with a shitty

  3. im suprised i didnt see this one sooner , indian head md is home to indian head naval base – ive done jobs there before they make wepons ther they have a warhead casting plant(wich ive worked in as a contractor) and all type of ordanence manufacturing buildings – intresting to see a tri form collecting intell on a miltary establishment but makes sense – matt_bpd

  4. dude i live in maryland and almost every night, right above my house there are kind of the same thing. I have no idea what they are. i put it in my mind that they are satellites. they are so high up i cant make a shape out but they move in straight lines. i dont want to see them anymore. i smoke outside and thats how it started but now i catch myself looking all the time. looks like a star moving

  5. Lol omg I’ve just seen the same exact thing above my house in glen Burnie, md n looked on YouTube to see if I could find anything similar and ur video was the first to pop up… N I remember you texting me about it and sending me that video the day it happened… Lol that’s crazy..I had forgotten all about it until I just watched this.. CREEPY!!!


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