Unknown lights over UFO hotspot Lake Michigan 28-May-2011

UFO Michigan

Latest UFO sightings – New video of UFO activity in the sky over Lake Michigan. This one was recorded in Deerfield, Illinois on Saturday, 28th May 2011.

Witness report: Use Full Screen. UFOs sighted over Lake Michigan from Deerfield IL. They were either solid red or yellow, and they exhibited no sound. In the video, they appear to be blinking, but when I saw them for myself, they were consistently lit. They were close enough that if they were indeed airplanes, then you would hear their engines. 38 seconds into the video: that’s just glare.

I was driving to a food center on Waukegan and Deerfield Rd, and I noticed these two strange red lights in the sky. They did not exhibit strobe patterns like your typical airplane at
night. When I finally arrived at the food center and walked outside the lot, I noticed more of the same objects coming from one particular area, and that was in the direction of Lake Michigan. Some of them were bright solid red or yellow and they were consistently lit. I began filming since there were so many of them coming in fairly quick succession. All of them appeared to be heading the same way and then they would eventually vanish quickly at a particular point. They were very silent, and I could not hear the sound of jet engines. They were at an appropriate distance to hear engine noise if they were indeed airplanes. Eventually no more objects came to follow.
In the film I took, the objects appear to be blinking, but that’s not how it was when I was there. 38 seconds in to the video you’ll notice glare, which is not to be mistaken for something else.
Author (neuraltap @ youtube)

I made new label for Lake Michigan UFO sightings, so you can watch all the recent videos from this UFO hotspot at this link: 
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  1. Do they pay you to post ridiculous comments like that on sites such as this? Of course they are not balloons or lanturns.Dont be fooled by these posts. These UFOs are real. They are all over earth in fleets.

  2. I TOTALLY believe this! I also posted a video last night on this site but I guess it was not approved. I put my video on youtube. We recorded a very similar thing in North Aurora, IL around 10pm. In case the link does not work in this reply, search UFO? near North Aurora, IL on youtube.<br /><br />http://youtu.be/HV61kZfaRbw

  3. I see things like this all the time over lake Michigan. I live in Kenosha WI, but have also witnessed a lot of other unexplained things. my girlfriend and i were walking on the shoreline late last night and one of these red lights was about 40 ft away from us on land. looked like a huge fireball, i literally thought it was a meteor in front of our faces, then before u knw it. it turns into a damn

  4. I live down the street from Military base off of the famous Denton road. SoI am always discounting stuff fro mthere I saw the lights but like I said I just assume it , is them doing crap… <br />

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