Multiple UFOs over Bedford, UK 11-Jun-2011

Latest UFO sightings – This UFO videos of multiple unknown bright objects flying above Bedford in United States were recorded on Saturday, 11th June 2011.

UFO video #1

UFO video #2

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  1. I live in Manchester and Have observed numerous lights of this kind for the last few weeks ,growing in frequency and brightness.They seem to just blink out,and then re-appear.Last night was different and saw bright flashes(not like plane lights)through binoculars they,the lights,appear to be just that,and for those who say they are stars or satellites ,well satellites don't change course and

  2. Why does everyone just have to say &quot;What the fu**&quot; every time they see something unusual in the sky ? Come on ! Let&#39;s get original….<br />For the record, I don&#39;t think that was ufo&#39;s.

  3. the ufos in bedford are chinese lantins as the wind moves then in the same directions and there have been lots of these being sold here in bedford as they get high in the sky they flicker on and of as the candall starts to burn out they do look like ufo from a far distence

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