NSA Declassified: Radio Transmissions from Space

June 12, 2011 – Dr. Howard H. Campaigne’s document describing the NSA’s (National Security Agency) effort to analyze and decipher a radio transmission that originated somewhere in outer space. The document was recently declassified.
The transmission was received in pieces which the NSA is considering units, going on to state that the units of the transmission were repeated multiple times. Dr. Campaigne’s document goes on to state that the message was given a sort of serial code using letters of the the alphabet to designate where the message varied. The serial code was used mostly as a reference.
Dr. Campaigne’s document is among the many recently declassified reports and documents that the NSA recently declassified. Other documents include intelligence reports, archives stretching back to before World War I until the 1960’s, the early development of technology (especially that of computers), and various reports of UFOs.
The reports covering UFOs and extraterrestrials often claim that unusual sightings are something banal, such as a balloon. However, much of the body of the documents have been redacted, blacked out words and paragraphs littering the pages. The origins of these UFO reports range from Communications Intelligence and COMNAVSECGRU, Naval Security Group Command, as well as UFO sighting reports by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Department of State, and the Navy.
The NSA claims that the declassification of these documents was triggered by the civil court case “Citizens Against Unidentified Flying Objects Secrecy v. National Security Agency” from 1980. Litigation from the case caused the NSA to locate and declassify a number of documents related to UFOs. Among the documents released in direct relation to the civil court case are an Air Force research report regarding the “Roswell Incident,” a Defense Documentation Center bibliography of UFO reports, and other documents on UFO-related research.
On their website the NSA says that this release of documentation is only the first batch in the planned 2 year project. The released documents will be maintained by NARA and available for review at the National Archives at College Park, Maryland and a list of documents is available on the NSA website, where there is also more information available.
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