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Your UFO reports:  12th June – 19th June 2011
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Franklinville, N.J – 6/17/2011
What we saw looked like the video from Colorado except there wasnt any radical movement. We were just looking at the Big Dipper when I noticed what looked like a star just going across the sky except it looked as if it was climbing. We saw it come from the ESE as it went past the Dipper that is when it went out of sight, as I said it didnt disapear over the horizon, it looked as if it was climbing and we watched it till it wasnt visible any longer. The whole event may have taken 4-5 minutes at the most. The object was bright and moved at the same rate of speed until it looked as it had left the atmosphere.
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Suva, Fiji – 17/06/2011
Unknown lights were recorded flying across the day sky above Suva Fiji. This was taken on Friday, 17th June 2011at 10.00am.

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Katmandu, Nepal – 17 June 2011
Hey Guys, as we generally know the kind of shape which can fly like airplane, helicopter or say disc like shape when it comes to UFO but what I and my colleague saw this evening was something very weird, it was rectangular in shape and looked like a building hovering over the houses, could even see lights on its different parts as it was really huge. We were traveling by a mini bus and were very next to driver’s seat, my colleague showed me the object and we both got confused and all of sudden there was a huge billboard between that object and us, it only took our bus few fraction of second to cross that billboard, but to our amazement the object was nowhere to be seen. I won’t say I completely believe in UFOs, but this one is true, the object, the shape and the lights. We even checked ! for any kind of reflection on the front glass, but even the driver saw that object from the side window, which had no glass on at that time. I can even draw a rough outline of that object if you want as we don’t have any live picture or clip. Please suggest.
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Corner of Overton Park Ave. and N Parkway Memphis Tn. – 6-15-2011
Saw a cylinder-shaped, red-colored ufo flying over us, at about 8:15pm going west. Then saw it again, going the other direction about 10 minutes later.
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Glenavy, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland – 15/06/2011
part 1: Just spotted ufo out my back garden, just having a cigarette.
This object was a circular ball of light, changing luminosity regularly, once disapeared then reappeared. It was moving in a straight but slightly wobbly line across the sky before disappearing behind my fence.
spotted at approximately 11.50pm gmt.
part 2: sent a report about 30 mins ago, spotted a brighter and closer ball of light above my head, flying for a second then disappearing… bit stunned as it seemed like it wanted me to se it again.
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Klagetoh, Arizona (Navajo Nation) – 14 JUN 2011
Bright object appeared out of nothing, brightness intensified. Object starting moving south. Shined a light at it and the object stopped, dimmed in brightness and continued its moving south. No blinking lights. White to yellow glow. Directly above Klagetoh. Right after sunset.
On 12 JUN 2011, there were three objects in the northeastern sky of Klagetoh. One stayed stationary. One went to the southwestern sky flashed and vanished. One went to toward the southeast flash four times and vanished. Stationary one dimmed and vanished. White to yellow objects. Right after sunset.
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Sackets Harbor, NY – 6/14/2011
Approximately 9:30 pm I observed a moving bright light – a steady light of a pale gold yellow color just above roof/treeline in the SW sky that would be over Lake Ontario.
The light was about the size of an eraser head in the sky, ie much larger than visible planet. The light appeared to be stationary at first – either heading directly away or to vantage point, but then moving slowly upward, at first thought it might be a plane, however there were no visible flashing lights.
The light continued to move across the sky appearing to move closer to the left – from the SW to the SE. Then it appeared to slow or steadily climb into the sky until the light grew smaller/fainter and disappeared.
The length of time I observed this was about 3-5 minutes. Two other people were present with me and witnessed this. We agreed that it was not a plane, emergency flare.
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Toronto, Canada – 14th June 2011
From Toronto last night I saw what appeared to be a UFO, I was able to capture 2 photos.
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Nagpur, Maharashtra, India – 13th June 2011
Here is the news article that appeared yesterday ie. 13 June 2011 about the UFO sighting in Chikhaldhara or Chikaldara in Amravati district of Maharashtra. It is a small hill-station in a remote location. It says that the UFO landed on a ground that is very much amidst busy place of the town. Hundreds have recorded this on their mobile phones and have videos and photos with them. It happened in broad day light. It soon disappeared in the direction of a town called Dharni. Similar sighting was noted on 25 May 2011 at Dharni.
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Manama, Bahrain – 13/6/2011
The UFO was flying in the sky .
It flew slowly for 10 minutes or less .
Then a flash of light that hundreds of people witnesed, the UFO had lights joining it then disappeared.
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Cassino, Italy – 13/06/11
[direct translate from Italian language] Around 23:30 hours starless sky overcast, in the sky over Cassino is seen an unidentified object, apparently a ball of fire moving at variable speeds, and makes strange movements that indicate that something is driving it. A bright light like a comet that suddenly disappears without any object that prevents the view. The square is full of people open-mouthed moments seem long intrigued by the strange phenomenon … Many people wonder what was it? A comet? A spaceship?
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Aptos, CA – 6/12/2011
In my neighborhood I was at a stop sign and something caught my eye above. I looked up and there were three bright orange lights in a triangle formation just hoovering above me. There was no noise at all, none! Both my daughter, who was freaking out,and I saw them. They proceeded to start moving out of the triangle formation and moving around. They were blatant and obvious. Crazy! I couldn’t believe my eyes.
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San Jose, CA – June 12, 2011
About 1:00 am, went to take the dog out back before going to bed, sad two flashing oval objects,side by side, going over head, no sound.They were NOT planes. I thought why would planes be flying so close together? Then I realized that they were not headed towards Norm Mineta Intl Airport. I ran inside to get my phone to try to get a picture, and when I got back, they were gliding north out of sight.
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Cordoba Argentina – june 11 2011
Boomeran shape UFO , very strange

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Mandeville, Louisiana – 6/10/2011
At approximately midnight of June 10th 2011, myself and 4 other witnesses saw about 15-20 blueish/white lights come from out of the souther sky, spiraling around one another. as they moved eastward they seemed to funnel in closer together, it almost mirrored water as it goes down a drain. the last of the lights we saw blinked rapidly, as it headed towards the same destination as the rest. the formation these lights flew in was nothing i have seen or heard of before.
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Oliverhurst / Linda California – 6/4/2011
I was driving down higway 70 with my mom at around 9:30 pm. I noticed this light and asked my mom what it was. She said it was just one of those street lights and I told her it couldn’t be it was much to high. As we approached the light more I noticed that it was hovering in place and had multi colors of green, orange, and yellow. The closer we got to this light the more I noticed that there was a gray matter behind the light. We were in complete amazment because we have never witnessed anything like it. It was not a helicopter or airplane. There were no blinking lights but it was hovering probably about 30-40 stories high. By the time we began to pass it and i looked back the image was gone. I asked my mom if it could possibly have been real. Luckily she was able to capture a pic it’s ! a little blurry and far because I was driving and my mom took the picture.
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Weiser, ID Sand Dunes by the river – 2009
I never thought about reporting this but about 2 years ago (dont remember month and day)me and my dad were night fishing for catfish on the river by these sand dunes and it was going good and we were catching fish here and there, and while i was waiting for another bite i looked up and noticed the stars were out so me and my dad were looking for constellations and stuff (by the way it wasnt completely dark yet there was barely any light left) when i focused my attention across the river above the hills. I seen an object moving towards us very slowly. i asked my dad what it was and he said it was just a plane. so i thought nothing of it and kept looking around. i looked back where it was and noticed it was closer and still moving. i got my dads attention again and he was staring at it no! w trying to figure out what it was. This “UFO” took on the shape of a triangle and i could barely, really faintly, make out the silhouette of it. and at each point i noticed a solid star colored light. towards the front point of the triangle there was another smaller triangle that looked attached to the front. but this added little triangle had numerous flashing lights. the whole time this was happening there was no sound and the “UFO” flew from what it looked like low and slow. me being 14 at the time i started to get scared and my dad told me not to worry, that it was probably the military practicing fueling in the air or testing a new aircraft. but im 16 now and this still sends chills down my back and it bugs me to think about it, but i knew this wasnt practiced fueling or aircraft testing. the object held a steady pace and didnt sway. it moved as if programmed to travel on a line very silently. i hope someone might have possible answers to this enco! unter or can debunk this. thank you for taking your time to re! ad this, i’d appreciate comments on your opinion about what it might be or what was happening. thank you.
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