Huge bright UFO recorded over Florida 14-Jun-2011

Latest UFO sightings – This huge bright orb was hoverin in the daytime sky over Florida in United States. Recorded on Wednesday, 14th June 2011.
Witness report: everyday i go home driving from my office and taking 41nw street going east to get into the palmetto highway,that night as soon i did cross 97ave i noticed a strong circular light in the horizon in front of me and above the city lights and trafic lights, the sphere was positioned north of the miami airport and steady ,i keep driving and the sphere was moving very slow south crossing over the airport, at that moment i realized that cannot be a plane if that is moving north to south and the planes land in miami either form west to east or east to west, i took my cellular phone and start recording while driving, when i did crossed 87 ave and them 84th avenue i saw that the sphere had move south of the aiport at about 3 to 5 miles and the sphere was big and super bright,it was emitting a very constant bright flashing lights, i keep recording until i was under the hightway bridge and took the entrance to the highway and i could record anymore since i was taking a 350 degree curb, at that ramp going up i keep seeing the sphere until i was facing north and i lost the sight of it.i was sure that the big sphere was not a plane and the only think that coulb be a big helipcoter, but there was not any metallic forms and i never saw a helicopter produce such of intense flashing lights and how a helicopter will be traveling from north to south over the airport interfering with the air traficc, saw that nigh i look at the local news and i did not hear any reports of an strange object.
Author (source: mufon)

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  1. wow<br />i live nearby and i know where was this recorded. that definitely isn&#39;t the position where the moon is at this time and it looks to close too.<br /><br />pretty fascinating…

  2. you don&#39;t say what time this occurred, but that you&#39;re traveling East on a NW street and looking South. So I would have to say it looks like the sun shining through rain clouds. the sky around it has the pink glow of sunset.

  3. Hm, a bit suspicious that the camera seems to jump whenever the object is supposed to pass behind an object such as the lamp post. Not very convincing footage, I guess I had to be there. <br /><br />Though it does look like the headlight of a commercial airplane being magnified by the humid air…

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