Area 51: Still Active and Still Secret

Area 51 is still operational, creating and testing new technology such as unmanned aerial vehicles and long distance stealth drones. The only evidence of this is a set of new hangers and a new stealth vehicle that was used to spy on Bin Laden before he was killed in a raid. Beyond that, everything has been as quiet as ever around that mysterious sight associated with UFOs and underground governments, and that quiet is the real source of intrigue.
Operations in Area 51 are sometimes even kept from the President, employees are disallowed from even revealing where they work to their families as well as discussing anything they did with other employees after retirement. Misinformation has also played a part in the secrets kept, and the secrets only make people ask questions even more insistently.

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  1. I WISH THE PRESIDENT SUBSCRIBED TO !(I heard Jackie Gleason was shown a frozen ALIEN by then President Nixon. -According to his wife.When he passed, Mr. Gleason had a U.F.O. museum in the basement of his house.) We are, and have been observed by foreign life forms. Some of which gather plants and animals for propagating elsewhere.—LIKE the story of

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