UFO activity over and in Baltic Sea 13-Jul-2011

Ocean Explorer team news from 13th July 2011 about the UFO activity over and in the Baltic Sea in north Europe.

Sunday, 31st July 2011 Update:

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  1. The real truth will be discovered only if someone goes down and check it out. <br />For now it could be anything, all we know that this object is round. <br /><br />If object is not human made, military/NATO will soon take control and denied the discovery. I have a felling it will not stay to long down there for everybody to explore. <br />But who knows maybe I&#39;m wrong. 😉

  2. Come on people, this is for real. All of this is real. We are and have been visited, interviewed by, taken as captives, medically examined by extraterrestrials. Not one doubt in my mind. Some of the people involved are questionable, but the topic is as real as a heart attack. It seems this year we are reaching a crescendo in experiences,. Is it the year or the times? The times they are needing to

  3. ufo,s are real They are here. The goverment continues to spend millions on missions to mars money they say they havent got. if the ufo is still there and hasn,t been taken by the milatary yet then why is,nt nobody intrested . These craft are being driven by intelligent beings not little green men . the goverment and the milatary lie as they are still locked in an arms race they crave power

  4. i was somewhat suprised you didnt leave a remote sonar boy outthere incase someone else was able to get outhtere with out your knowladge. also would it have been too dark to send down a remote (or even leaded) pressure contained camera (instead of divers) as a quick look instead of having to take nearly a year to go back and see what it was.. if this really is a ufo at the approximate size you

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