Daytime UFO over Örnsköldsvik in Sweden 1-Jul-2011

UFO 2011 – Interesting daytime UFO sighting was recorded in Swedish city Örnsköldsvik on Friday, 1st July 2011 around 8 pm.
Witness report: I was filming this object for around 30 minutes until the camera ran out of memory. At first it appeared to be moving but then stood absolutely still as you can see from the closeup(1.33). This was filmed just after 8pm. I was using a Sony HDR-CX130E.
Author (UfoScandinavia @ youtube)

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  1. Get some glass cleaner that is something on the dang window!You scanned right past it near the end it was still showing!<br /><br />Hoaxers try to make fools out of people who are really interested in the UFO phenomenon.

  2. I didn&#39;t really find this video too interesting except for one part, right around the 5:26 – 5:27 mark, keep hitting the pause/play button, you see something fly down pretty quickly

  3. For one thing, it&#39;s too long of a video which makes most people get tired of watching an object for more than 2 minutes. Why the music? The object, if it&#39;s real, should be dramatic enough without the music.

  4. Clean the glass instead of adding music. If you had a half hour, why didn&#39;t you go outside? You just give the doubters ammo!

  5. full of idiots and music makes it worse please filter all the obvious fake i am investor and i was interested but now your site full of crap

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