Triangle UFO formation over Omaha, Nebraska 4-Jul-2011

UFO sightings – Interesting new video of unknown bright objects or orbs in triangle formation hovering above Omaha in US state Nebraska. This footage was recorded on the 4th of July 2011.

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  1. another strange thing i noticed, @1:40 you hear the female say "They're really low.." and just then if you look close enough you see a small dark object shoot across the sky (middle of the frame, right to left). Not sure if its a bird but it appears to come out of nowhere and zoom past fairly fast… Perhaps too fast to be a bird.

  2. I am in Omaha. They are laterns. Whole bunch of people were launching them. <br /><br />Believing less and less….

  3. I think they might be sky divers with flares attached to their legs. Notice how they slowly circle around one another as they descend.

  4. To whom that recorded the triangle lights formation over Omaha. <br />Contact ETCOM: Extra Terrestrial Communications at [email protected] <br />I will brief you on this matter.<br />Capt Pete Peterson<br />Omaha, Nebr

  5. I agree, this one is sky divers. <br /><br />Still a believer, tho. Don&#39;t let the shitty sightings bring you down– that&#39;s just what the trolls want.<br /><br />Peace.

  6. Wrong location. Look up the original poster of the video. His youtube name is in the lower left corner of the video. Date July 4, 2011 Location is Moline, Illinois<br /><br />The girl who stole his video and reposted it wrote the wrong location.

  7. Whats up guys, just watching this video for the first time and seen how nobody was commenting on the Ball of light flying across the middle of screen, and off into the sky!<br /><br />skip to 1:25 in the video and look in the middle of screen just above where the car lights are.<br /><br />Peace all 😀

  8. I live in Omaha, and that isn&#39;t the Omaha River front. That footage is taken on the east side of the river, (sun sets in the west) so you would see the Omaha skyline as downtown Omaha is right on the river. You&#39;d see the town plus the Bob Kerry Bridge all lit up. You can&#39;t miss it. Shoot, I live by the river, and with that thing blinding you all night, you don&#39;t need a night

  9. Kind of strange.. I&#39;m not denying that is not Council Bluffs or Omaha. But on the night of the Horseshoe Casino&#39;s firework display.. I saw the exact same lights and formations movements.. I recorded some of the lights with my android phone but the picture wasn&#39;t very good.. Lights looked exactly the same though.. Watched em for about 20 minutes

  10. Hello:<br /><br />I also live in Omaha Nebraska also, to answer the question, Of course they are real U F O&#39;s. What did you think people in denial would say?<br /><br />If you have a UFO question ask but make sure you want to know the real answers.<br />You know how they all ways say until we or get have further information?<br /><br />Well we have all that Information bottom page

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