Pyramids: From the Gods or Aliens?

July 19, 2011 – In 2010, Dr Ala Shaheen (Head of the Cairo Archaeology Department) said that there was a possibility of technology “not of this world” having been found in the pyramids at Giza. He went on to state, after being questioned by Polish delegate Mr. Marek Novak that there may be some truth to the notion that extraterrestrial beings helped build the pyramids at Giza. Though he refuses to confirm or elaborate on this information, the news left others at the conference, where he presented this information, shocked.
KGB secret files from the 60’s seem to allude to the same conclusion, documenting the tomb of an alien humanoid in the pyramids, as well as something possibly being beneath them. There is evidence to support the possibility that the alien humanoid was a pharaoh.
Then there is the fact that the writings from Ancient Egypt often contained stories of the sky opening up and lights descending. The lights contained people who brought the Egyptians technology and taught them wisdom, as well as setting up royal lines. There are other stories of these lights raising the ground from out of the mud and water, a possible allusion to the formation of the pyramids. They called the raising of the pyramids Tep Zepi (first time).
Of course, in their writings, the Egyptians worshiped these beings as gods, giving them their polytheistic religion. One piece of writing mentions these beings riding across the sky in a boat, much like their god Ra would drag the sun across the sky. The Ancient Egyptian religion lasted for a very long time, right up until Christianity took over. They also believed their pharaohs were gods on Earth. Perhaps their belief was so strong because they knew it to be true.
Either way, there is some interesting evidence to suggest that, perhaps, the pyramids and the technology that created them wasn’t entirely terrestrial in origin or nature. (c) 2011
The Secret KGB Abduction Files
This video, moderated by Roger Moore, discusses evidence of KGB involvment in UFO research after the second world war. It looks at possible Alien involvment in the building of the pyramids?

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  1. (The closest thing on the roster is a Dr. Alaeddin Abdul Mohsen Shaheen, head of Egyptian antiquities for Cairo University. But there has been no word anywhere else [other than the source site where I got the original story] which I found odd, considering that- if it is true- this would be world altering news.)<br /><br /><br />Read more about Alien involvement in Great Pyramid a hoax? by

  2. &quot;Anonymous said…<br /> Dr. Alaeddin Abdul Mohsen Shaheen does not exist. Why make up stories?&quot;<br /><br />Wait???? whaaat?? af course she exists, she very famous in archeological circles

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