UFOs over Taiwan and London – Paranormal Report 72

Paranormal Report 72 – UFOs over Taiwan and London
With Clayton Morris and Jim Harold
2nd July 2011

Bigfoot DNA, asteroid just misses earth, UFO video over London and Taiwan.

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  1. Or I could be a Group of hoaxers All have these really weird thing called mobile phones. synchronizing the footage times, then doing some special effects work on the home computers…Its astounding what now is possible on a home pc. I think that this is a Hoax..even though I might add I am a multiple close encounter recipient..(first).This was a major sighting over London one of the most densely

  2. The last shot of UFO is not orbs, its a big ufo ship. Because they stay in formation all the time in a triangulation form. As the ship turns the lights follows as well in a triangle formation. I believe its not singular orbs of their own. I think its a Big UFO ship. The lights is the corner of the ship.

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