Latest crop circles report from Czech Republic and UK – August 2011

August 8 – northern Moravia in Czech Republic

August 13 – Cooks Plantation and Knoll Down in Wiltshire, United Kingdom

August 15 – Jubilee Plantation near Cherhil, Wiltshire, UK

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  1. Crop Circles have been around for some time, now.It seems like the information should have been translated by now.(My first gut feelings:The circles at the end seem to be foreign craft.The center, our planet.The separation meaning travel all around our planet. An open gateway to and from their world.The spiral is for "speedy travel".) Can anyone else give feedback?

  2. Looks like the symbol for Atlantis in centre. Circles within circles. With symbol for moon, sun and Venus. This circle with circle symbol has been a recurring symbol this year and I have several pics of crop circles with it. Atlantis may be symbol for Earth.

  3. Hey You. UP there. Yeah You. You can hear me. Cut the crap with the super math brains. Please send us more circles with clear meaning please like the one in England of the Alien smoking the pipe. We people in Washington state clearly know that is Ramtha. He is an alien who smokes a pipe and knows a lot of stuff about the 7 levels of consciousness with in the cross of matter(4 circles X 7) and is

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