A lot of UFO activity over the sea in United Kingdom 14-Aug-2011

Latest UFO sightings – New footage of strange UFO activity in the sky above the sea in UK. This was recorded on Sunday, 14th August 2011.
Witness report: Mass sighting in under an hour!!Ths is crazy! It gets better and better!!! Giant orange orbs , USOS ,UFOS, Triangle formations, Fake planes ,choppers and more.
Author (MrWutangkilla1 @ youtube)

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  1. They're just planes with their handing lights & strobes on & a helicopter with a "night sun" searchlight.

  2. Sorry but this is rubbish. Notice the title ? This is the sort of headline people use when they're posting a fake. What we're being shown could be absolutely anything, there's no proof that this is anything other than the ordinary. A little more information,location and something with which to compare it would be helpful,unfortunately the naff music and shaky recording make me think

  3. NOT airplanes. This is womderful footage, good job. If any of you naysayers had watched the entire video you would have seen one of the objects speeding to the left and make a U turn back to the right. Explain that away. Wake up people before its too late and yes, your time is running short.I am not religious but…those who believe will have eternal life in heaven…and heaven is where?? Space.

  4. No it's not fake in my mind, because back in July a whole pub full of people all went outside and saw the same thing, there are no airports in the direction that we all saw these objects appear from, Bury St Edmunds at 22:00 hrs on the 9th of July, it seemed that every time the giant ball of light went very bright a small blinking object came out of it, I counted 20 of the objects, and they

  5. Indeed rubbish : notice the shaking camera, just until the appearance of the bright bullshit. Then, a perfectly stable image. What a good idea to put the camera on a tripod to welcome these aliens ! Would be a good idea for this site to propose some education on the making of fakes.

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