UFO activity above New York City – August 2011

UFO sightings – New video of UFO activity in the sky above NYC in United States. This was taken earlier this month (in August 2011).

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  1. I can't see anything in this video to get excited about. From insufficient visual data, I can only conclude conventional aircraft.

  2. I dunno…tried to keep an open mind, but if you watch around 1:15 mark, you&#39;ll see the item go behind the TV antenna spokes one by one, EXCEPT for the main vertical post (see around 1:20).<br />Then it just sort of appears to have been superimposed over the antenna, making me think this is a fake.

  3. I agree at the 1:20 mark the object flies through the antenna. The object at the 1:35 mark is most definitely an airplane. I have seen a lot of these night vision shoots that make bugs flying seem like UFO&#39;s.

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