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Your UFO reports:  7th August – 14th August 2011
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Mellieha, Malta – 13 August 2011
While driving my car today towards Mellieha I saw a light green cigar shaped object flying over Mellieha area descending at very high speed towards the sea just behing the Red Tower area (between Mellieha and Cirkewwa). I called Malta Air Traffic Control (stored on my mobile as I am a private pilot) to verify no known low flying objects that might have experienced a problem. Any ideas? Any more sightings? [Time of sighting 11:32am local time, approx 2 seconds in duration].
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Parma, Italy – 13/08/2011 00:30
[direct translate from Italian] A red light in the sky lasted about 2 minutes and then disappeared into thin air.
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Saugus, California 91350 – August 12,2011
I was outside playing with my kids when I saw a bright white light, non-blinking. Did not look like an airplane, nor did it make any noise. I called out to my mom to come see the object. The object moved really slowly. It was not a satellite because it was like the distance of a helicopter. I don’t know what it was.
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Space (SOHO) – 8/12/2011
To clarify, I did not see a ufo, but wanted to alert you to video I just saw on the NASA website from SOHO. I copied the link for you to see the 19 second video. Towards the end of the video, a very bright object enters the screen from the upper right heading toward the sun. I am just not sure what this could be. I really hope you take a look, it is a very interesting video. I subscribe to you thru Facebook and visit this site often. Thank you for your time.
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Coalinga, CA – 8/12/2011

Today August 12, 2011, my husband and I noticed a bright light in the sky just North of the Sun that appeared between 5:30 and 5:37PM/PST. The light looked like the Sun only smaller and not as bright. After it disappeared there was a bright spot in the clouds where it was.
I took a few pictures of what we saw. We are not sure what it was but we have never seen anything like that here before.
T Krause
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west Virginia Mingo Co – August 12,2011
we lived up in a hollow. alot of people. of the neigbors seen it.flyin around like a jet pack. with back fired.had different lights on it. during the day. up in the sky. no camera. might get good details.was going to called the news. people think we r all crazy.if we report it.i heard my parents telling me about this morning. i said u r crazy. what i told her.when i heard it.i sayed. let me ask sumbody about it.she said to it had a tube on the bottom of it.thank u
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El Centro, California – 08/12/2011
Last night at around 0800 and 0915 hrs, I was watering the front lawn of my house and I saw a helicopter flying around the area, shining the area with its spot light like looking for something or someone.
At first I through it was the Border Patrol Flying around looking for persons, but I saw them move toward town and pay no attention to them. The moon was bright as day last night, when something caught my eye and I looked up to the sky.
I saw this bright light kind of white blue light fly slow moving toward the northeast.
To me this object looked like it was checking out our area moving slowly, but the funny thing is that there were no blinking lights like regular airplanes and not making any noise of any kind. I just looked at it for a while slowly moving over the sky like nothing to worry about. Over to the south I saw the helicopter going in circles looking around the area and not making contact toward this object, it was kind of strange.
This object slowly moved toward the northeast some were the area of the chocolate mountains area and vanishes up to the sky. For the fifth time this year, I saw these objects flying past the Imperial Valley and they just past through our area and vanish. Very strange sightings!
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San Fernando Valley, California – Aug 5 and Aug 12 2011
August 12th (Tarzana, around 9pm): I was at different lookout spot that overlooks only the valley, and my friends and I were just hanging out. I looked to my left and saw a very familiar red and white light, which i immediately pointed out to my friends. We then noticed 3 more hanging over the valley, moving around very slightly and flashing, exactly as I saw before. The people I were with at the time were pretty confused, as they had never experienced anything like this before. I said “Watch, one of them will get really bright and start changing shape and then it’ll change into an airplane.” Not two minutes later did this happen. Needless to say, they were in shock and I was ridiculously excited. I got out of the car so I could get a better look and over a span of about 30 mi! nutes, saw one light go up in the sky very quickly like before, one slowly descended to the ground (It looked like it was near Chatsworth), and the other two morphed into “airplanes.” My friends were freaking out and wanted to leave so we parted ways, I got to my car and drove down my street (basically down the hill from where i saw the ufo) and saw ANOTHER small red and white flashing light in the sky. this one was changing and rotating rapidly and kept separating and coming back together. it almost looked like a triangular craft the way it was moving but since i was down on the ground and it looked very far away it was too hard to tell. This is the 3rd time I have had the same encounter in the same area, it makes me wonder if this has been happening every night, not just nights I’ve randomly been on the lookout. I wish I could provide photos but my cell phone takes terrible quality pictures.
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Long Beach Island, New Jersey – August 11, 2011
My sister and I went for a run and at about 9 pm we saw a weird orange orb in the sky. Once I saw a second one I stopped to observe. The first one stopped and appeared to be waiting for the second. As the second one approached a third one appeared in view. The three lined up and disappeared into the sky shortly after.
Video link:
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Bossier City , Louisiana – 8 /11 /11
On August 11,2011 at approx. 10 PM CDT,in Bossier City Louisiana -Outside of my sister’s house (driveway area of her home) I saw an object at a high altitude in the north north-western sky that I thought may have been a star at first, then I realized it was changing colors,(white,red ,pinkish,yellowish) and slowly moving towards the SW -but far too slow to be an aircraft,or SAT in orbit- but also too high for commercial or military aircraft from nearby Barksdale Air Force Base. This more or less was hovering in place, and not moving across the sky fast enough to be an air-liner of jet. I immediately went in the house and told Pam to come out and see it as well- (As a “witness” so to speak.) She did, and she easily saw it as well.I retrieved my binoculars from my car and used t! hem to observe it along with Pam for several minutes. We also observed several aircraft in the sky at various altitudes which appeared to be in normal flight patterns that also made for good points of reference to this object. It was unlike anything either of us had ever seen before ( I’m 49 yrs.old and my sister Pam is well into her 50’s) The object remained almost stationary, but moved very slightly to the SW. A large cloud then covered it. We came back inside. It was extremely strange!
T Lovell (and my sister Pam M.)
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Haslach, Germany – 11 August 2011
at 11 a. m. ufo was flying from east to west. white glowing, speed higher than an airplane.
at 3 p. m. ufo from south-east to north-west. white glowing, speed higher than an airplane.
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nowhere near me ( it was just underneath the atmosphere) South Africa – 10 August 2011
10 august, round 5 it was still light, the sun was just starting to set. we were offloading a steel frame at a friends house. when his neigbour came out and helped. the neighbour spotted it next to the moon. i tried to focus on seeing something cause of the big blue sky, with this tiny white spot – you had to focus very hard then see the white spot. we first thought it was a plane, but ruled that out cause it was too high, then we thought satellite – but no, you dont see satelites in daytime, we saw it move, but a great distance, i mean from where i was standing it probably moved 2.5 cm if you use your fingers to measure. now thats a huge distance if you are actually up there!!!! including in that moment we saw a bouing pass us, so we saw the difference between the two objects. distan! ce coverage and size, and hieght from earth. the object then disappered, and in a few seconds was back, it was moving away from the moon, the niegbour quickly fetched his telescope and tried to focus on the object with effort as it is so small, he let me know he could see what it is, i took a look and when we described it, we both saw the same thing. the sun was shining on it, cause it was busy setting – it was silver and round shaped and looked like it had trouble stabelising, cause it was wobbling from side to side. i looked 3 times, he also looked a couple of times. and then it disappered again, few second later we saw it again, even further away from the moon now, each time it moves away from the moon its like 2 or 3 cm like i measured. and then we were discussing it and did not looke and when wee searched for it again it was gone we kept on looking but we couldnt find it. i asked him to record it with his telescope but it would waste time, so we have no proof.
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Santa Maria a Monte, PI, Italy – 10/08/2011
2 orbs in the sky moves rapidly and dissolve

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London, UK – 9-8-11

While checking photos of the riots in london, i came accross this photo that to me looks like a ufo over burning london, also very much like a ufo over china some time ago.. i’m supprized no one else has noticed this shot.
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Belfast, Northern Ireland – 9/8/2011
Standing at rear door to my house and noticed a bright light very hight above the atmosphere, Id say the distance of half way between the distance of the moon. It was no star as it was 3times the size of the brightest star I know! northern star! and had a slow movement. I have skymaster binnoculars that I quickly grabbed. When I observed this I notised that in a straight line that there were atliest 3 small lights on each side of the big light not flashing but they were of different collour to eachother, mild blue, orange, and white, while the huge light was blue and white with slight ghange on outside glow like a light green. Now im looking north at 1.30am, I would say It measures atlies a mile long in diameter and would only guess it was above northern Russia guessing by the distance,! Im in belfast, a mile is my guess but it could be 3-5 mile long, it was defenately by a long shot bigger than the ISS. checking the Iss location, it was going south passing Indonaisia towards like Australia at that time. In the space of 40min it moved way further than the stars, outpacing them 4-1. On a seperate sighting for just about 8 seconds at arount 2.20am just before calling it bedtime without binnoculars I saw a star sized light travelling at non human tech speed in a continueous 10degree angle. finnished of my night. I have no pics but will defenately get a 12mp cam as these are moments that quality pics improve believability.
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Canada – 9th August 2011
around 9:45pm, I saw at least 12 orange flying objects in the nite sky, no planes were flying in area. There was 3 in front in form of a v, with 3 or 4 flying in perfectly straight line, just seconds behind them, there was 3 different groups like this. There was no noise at all,at one point they seemed to hover around each other than disappeared higher into the clouds. I tried to video with camera but since I had never used my video on it before, most of the time it didn’t record, I was in such awe as to what I was seeing that the video is shaky from camera movement and was only able to get one as I was too busy watching all the others.
Video link:
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Pueblo West, Colorado – 8-8-2011
i saw a bright light in the sky out of the corner of my eye. i looked up to see a oval shaped white/blue light in the sky. it seemed to go from almost stopped to “light speed” in a matter of seconds. it also left a glowing trail in the sky, the trail was more of a blue than any other color. the trail remained for several seconds after the object disappeared. this was around 1am. later around 3am the my best friend and i saw the exact same thing in almost the exact same spot in the sky. this time the light was huge at least 10 times as big as the first. it too was preceded by a bright light and seemed to go from stopped to very fast in a blink of an eye. it also left a eerie glowing trail. both trails were more similar to the way ice comes off an airplanes wings. the trail had ! a clear starting point but seemed to end just at abruptly as the objects that caused them had dissapeared. both trails were centered in the middle of these objects rather than a debris trail coming from the sides. both times this event seemed to take place over the thickest part of the visible mikly way in the night sky. these were easiest the biggest thing i have ever seen in the sky. i hope someone else was able to witness this event and even better have some answers.
D. J.
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El Porvenir, Ensenada, Mexico – 08-08-2011
my wife and i own a home in ensenada mexico. one night my wife and i drove to the next town from el porvenir to go eat some tacos. when we got to the next town (el valle de guadalupe) the town was lonely. no one in the streets , no cars , taco place was closed , it just seemed weird the whole time. so we drove back home , just as we drove into the county line of el porvenir every light pole light i passed would turn off , i looked at my wife i said weird huh … and we kept driving … as we drove around this small curb i was looking at my wife talking to her when all of a sudden she said “que es eso ? que es eso ” but in a scared tone i turn to see what she was looking at and i saw what looked like a huge building with 3 bright lights and other lighter lights around it , i me! an huge !!!! and we are both just staring at this floating building when all of a sudden it moved so “fast” upwards , i mean really fast , so fast that it seemed the building or ship or whatever i saw , it seemed like the lights took a 1/2 a second to follow the buiding … i was scared , my wife was scared , i talk about it all the time , but my wife does not like to speak about it or even ask her about that day , she gets very mad when i talk about it . like it really scared her . the weird part of this story is that the next day my friends came to visit us in mexico , and i told them what happen and they laughed at me !!! they busted my chops all day .. etc etc etc , however when i tell the locals my story not 1 of them has laughed at me , and they each have there own ufo story …. i have at least mentioned it to 20 locals and alllllllllllll of them have a similar story to mine….so i know im not tripping ./….
i kid there tells me he sees ufos daily ….. i went with him one night to where he claims he seems them and lord and behold i saw something just like he says ………. i think u guys need to go to ensenada ….in the town of el porvenir and chk this storys out …
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Ladispoli, Italy – 08-08-2011
At 11pm I saw a formation of 5 orange lights, followed by another 3, followed by 1. I was able to film the group of 3 and the single one. The videos and a full description are on my YouTube channel and a photo is in my blog:
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High altitude Gozo, Malta – 7 aug 2011
Very slow moving pencil shape object hovering at high altitude for
apron 45
Mins over the island of Gozo then travelled NW until disappeared behind island as seen from Hola Beach. Object too far for clear pic
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Xanthi, Northern Greece – 7th August 2011
Today I was returning from a club with some friends.As we were walking towards our homes something strange hapenned.Me and one of my friends turned on the same time at our right and saw a green light at the sky flying northern with impossible speed.It also left something behind him.Something like footprints.The speed was too high to be a human creation.It got lost behind some blocks…!
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Lancing, United Kingdom – 7/8/11
So a fast moving object in the air, thought it was a plane but was too low, it had lots of colours on it and was dome shaped but had things coming off it. It stood out as it was dark and because there were no stars out. I watched it for about 6 seconds and was about to go and get my camera but just before i left there was a flash in the sky and it disappeared! So weird!
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Camp Creek, WV (West Virginia) – 08/07/2011
My daughter & I both witnessed the craziest ‘light show’ and I tried to take some photos…but this 1 did show sumthing crazy! I don’t know what it is… but it is unidentified and apparently was flying…so here ya go maybe someone can shed some light on this for us!!
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Hwy 52E Westmoreland, TN (Tennessee) – 8-6-11
I honestly was just taking pics of sky. At this time I didn’t even know we were having emp’s either. So later I was looking at pics and deleting some noticed 1 object in one pic and 2 objects in another pic. These pics were taking while driving down the road…. I will also send a pic of each one that my cousin edited. You can sere much better, the crown shape of the object and possible landing gears or bumpers of some sort who knows. Enjoy the pics! Well out won’t let me save the pic he sent back to me but I can forward email, just let me know.

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Watagua, Texas – 8-5-2011
It was aound 9:50pm and I went out to my truck to get a pack of smokes. As I opened my door and go them from my truck I happened to look to the west where I could see an extra bright light in the distance. At first I thought it was an aircraft’s landing lights but as I lit my cigarrette I saw it very quickly move to the left and then back to the right and back to the left again. It then started moving in a clockwise circle very quickly 3 times and then it stopped for about a minute and then it suddenly turned a brilliant blue color and moved quickly to the right (north)vanishing behind the tree line at the end of our street only to return about a minute later.
I went inside and told my friend to come take a look at something to make sure I was not going crazy. When we got back outside she could see the light also and sure enough it started zig zgging bach and forth and then came to a standstill. Then all of a sudden another one appeared below it and it started doing the same things.As we stood there and watched them I noticed several airplanes flying close to the area and you could definetly tell they were not the same type of lights. After 10 minutes or so one of them took off to the north and the other one sank below the tree line and disappeared. We watched for another 15 minutes or so but they never reappeared. I know some one else had to of seen these, it was Friday night and in the Fort Worth area weekends are busy untill 2 in the morning, not to mention that there are 3 air good size airports here including Carswell Joint airforce reserve.
I would definately like to know if there are others that saw this?
– – – – – – – – – –
London Kings Cross, UK – 5th august 2011
This one is very strange! Me and a work mate were watching a video of a cluster of ufos on youtube clip 23:14. we went outside for a break and i jokingly pointed at a plane and said that it was a ufo. What shoked us that to the left of it was a silver ball just floating above the clouds! i jumped up and down in my excitement and ran in to alert my work mates, a few uf them came out only to see TWO MORE! then another appeared, five in total, we watched them for 20 mins before going back in. I couldn’t hold my curiosity and went back out, and coming from the right was a large yellow diamond shape heading towards the cluster, it was rotating in different angles as it approach. When it had met the cluster it stopped and each silver! ball slowly dissapeared one by one. at this times quite a few of my work friends were outside watching this amazing sight, it moved on up and i watch it for 4o mins as it got smaaler and smaller into the distance until it was no longer visible. Ive waited all my life to see somethging like this, but the strangest part of all of this was that we were only just watching the identical happening on youtube 5 mins before! It made my year!
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Quicy, Washington – 8-5-11
While attending the Phish concert at the Gorge Amphitheater me and the guy next to me saw an orange glowing circle in the sky. It hovered for a few seconds and the flew off. I am very curious to know if what I saw was a UFO, meteor or something else.
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Southern New Jersey, USA – 2 Aug 2011
I’m a UH-60 pilot for the New Jersey Army National Guard and on the night of August 2nd, 2011 at approximately 2200hrs I saw something streak across the night sky that I cannot explain. There were two pilots flying in the front, one crew chief in the right door gunner position and I was sitting at the left door gunner position. The aircraft was facing east. Our crew chief saw a bright flash of light that dimmed his night vision goggles on the horizon toward the south. At the same time I saw a lighted object pass over from the right to the left side of the aircraft at about 20 to 30 thousand feet level. The object was rectangle in shape with squared off corners. It was fully lit. It streaked across the sky in about 2-3 seconds. Much slower then shooting start but much faster the! n a jetliner. It faded off just short of the horizon toward the north due to low cloud coverage that was at 5 thousand feet. Since I was under night vision goggles I saw no vapor trail which is very common with shooting stars.
This looked nothing like any shooting start I had ever seen. A shooting is usually just a single pin point of light, streaks across the sky in a blink of an eye and always leaves a vapor trail behind it. This object looked like a paper half gallon milk carton that was completely lit.
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The Woodlands, Texas – 08/2011
bright light took off in the sky above sawdust was not a street light reflecting one orb bright took off fast going south no one believes me or no one wants to admit they saw it it as there it was not a star
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Agentina – Aug 2011
Video link:
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Medellín, Colombia – 27 July 2011
UFO Sghting in Medellin, Colombia. Notice the moevements the ufo performs. You may want to know the airport is closed from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. therefore it can’t be an airplane.
Youtube video link:
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Ivybridge, Devon, England – 2010
my mums boyfriend went into the garden for a fag one night and i spotted a light up in the sky, at first i thought it was a star or something but then it moved. it flew in a curved line but stayed the same height and then started getting higer and higher until we couldnt see it anymore. not even a harrier could fly like that and i know my eyes werent playing tricks on me because my mums boyfriend saw it too.
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Town Neck Beach, Sandwich, MA (Massachusetts) – Winter 2009
I went to the beach very early in the AM (3 or 4) in Oct. or Nov. (can’t quite remember) to watch one of the annual meteor showers. About an hour into watching the sky, I noticed a small dot of light moving across the sky which I took to be a satellite. It moved very much like a satellite for a while, until it started to slow down and move erratically. After about 40 minutes of watching it move back and forth aimlessly (it stayed in a small area of sky), I saw another dot of light appear out of nowhere and seemed to join the other one. They generally stayed together and almost looked like they were interacting. I watched this display until dawn and then the sky got too cloudy to see.
On a side note, these objects were very small (like a pinpoint of light) and hard to see. I often had to squint to keep them in focus and lost sight of them a couple of times. There’s no doubt in my mind that these were not satellites.
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