Even A Skeptic Thinks Roswell is Real

Mr. Tom Carey is a very normal and pragmatic 70 year old man. He served in the Air Force and worked in insurance, searching out cases of fraud and working in the bureaucratic machine that is insurance. He attended the University of Toronto, studying for a PhD in human paleontology, though he dropped out after neglecting his studies in lieu of hockey games. He is also rather skeptical of most mysterious stories or conspiracy theories. He has no doubt that Elvis Presley is dead or that people really did land on the moon. He’s also sure that the Bermuda Triangle is just like any other normal patch of water, with no mysterious or paranormal qualities at all. And while he has little interest in lights in the sky (as there is very little one can investigate, in those cases), Roswell is very interesting to him.
Mr. Carey has been intrigued in UFOs and extraterrestrial beings since he was eight. He was shown an article about a UFO and it caught his imagination and attention. Since then, he keeps an eye out for other articles on UFO sightings and has also begun to investigate the possibilities himself. He wants to answer, at least for himself, whether there is life on other planets. While his approach is still very pragmatic, he is less skeptical about the possibility of aliens.
One of the very attractive things about Roswell, Mr. Carey claims, is that the US Air Force was so quick to cover up the crash. On July eighth of 1947 a very short radio broadcast informed listeners that a disc shaped aerial vehicle had crashed and that the Air Force was in possession of it, had inspected it, and was sending it off to another expert to inspect it again. Only a few hours later, the Air Force started the cover up, claiming it was a weather balloon that had crashed.
Despite the cover up, there were claims by First Lt. Walter G. Haut, among others, that the aerial vehicle was very likely extraterrestrial in nature (that conclusion reached not only because the shape was odd, but the metal was as well), but that he had seen the corpses of aliens, covered in tarps. These things are what make the case interesting to Mr. Carey, because it was more than lights in the sky. There was, and likely still is somewhere, actual physical evidence of extraterrestrials.

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