Can Pleiadians Help Human Evolution?

Pleiadians are said to be creatures live and come from the star constellation called the Pleiades. There are 7 stars in the Pleiades, and these creatures come from the star identified as Taygeta. Out of the 9 exoplanets that orbit this star, only 4 are populated with living creatures. Their home planet is the Erra, which is very identical to planet Earth. They share similar plant and animal life as on Earth, and their days are only six tenths of a second less than on Earth. These creatures are millions of years older than earthlings, and are much more spiritually sophisticated than Earth creatures. The typical life expectancy of a Pleiadian is 700 years or even more as only 400 million individuals live on the planet Erra, as compared to the highly populated Earth which is over 6 billion.

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  1. It takes about an hour and a half for a Pleiadian Variation II Craft to travel to or fro.(They have forests of trees like ours.One species that has a dark magenta colored leaf)Oh, and some do wear a light blue-aquamarine unitard.(About 6'3",platinum blond ,well chiseled,piercing blue eyes. no facial hair)signed:"VOL*TARR"

  2. R u people serious?? all of this info is provided by whom??? and has this person actually seen all of this?? I am a believer in extraterrestrial life but these reports make me cringe….they are as bad as the Bible…hear say from other people!!! This is worse than gossip, worse than the National Enquirer…and it is silly reports like these that make the really credible ones unbelievable!!! STOP

  3. It takes 1 hour and a half for a Pleaidian Variation ll to travel to and from???? OMG!!! Are you serious?? Have you made this journey?? How can you people talk as if this is really true??? ahahahahahhahahahaha I can't stop laughing!!! and if these remarks do not make the comments I will dislike this site and block you!!! Because now you are tampering with different views and freedom of speech

  4. YES they can and are helping Earth humans in their evolution at this time. There is a lot of now at this time and that could be how some people know so much. Some info is available online.

  5. from what i could gather by doing a little research, some people say that they migrated there after their home world was destroyed.

  6. It is difficult for us to accept this alternate reality Using only 10% of our brain capacity. Some are fearful that acceptance of these concepts fly in the face of all their religious teachings. We on this planet are in the throws of a new evolution and must begin to pay attention to the earth signs as she attempts to warn and prepare us for the future. There is total spirituality in this tranformation Compatible with all beliefs whose principal is founded in love of self and all others.

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