Controversial Roswell UFO Incident: A Spy Plane According to the Book “Area 51”

Enthusiasts of science fiction have been confident for many years that an alien spacecraft gone down in the desert of New Mexico – and that the U.S. government covered up the recovery of extraterrestrial beings. The widely known Roswell Episode of 1947 created conspiracy theories by the history. Yet now, unfortunately for UFO spotters, a new book provides an completely man-made – and some would say even more strange – description, offering two of the greatest bad guys of 20th century history: the Soviet dictator Josef Stalin and the notorious Nazi “Angel of Death” Dr. Joseph Mengele.
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  1. Dr Joseph Mengele a spy plane engineer! That's like saying Picaso was a computer programmer. Mengele was a Pathologist and bio-scientist in Auschwitz Poland and would have been totally out of his depth designing a spy plane. He was captured and released by the Americans and lived in Germany until May 1949. He moved to South America that year where he was a farm hand, chemist and abortionist

  2. The truth about this is simple to understand. Annie Jacobsen, being a journalist and an author, knows; that all books reach a certain audience based on the he subject matter, dealt with. This audience, is known in the business as the target audience. A book dealing with Area 51 is no different. The chapter on Roswell, was included in the book, because Jacobsen knew who a certain percentage of

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