Possible USO sighting on Sweden coast – September 2011

Latest UFO sightings – Possible USO (unidentified submerged object) was recorded on the West coast in Sweden. This video was recorded this month (in September 2011).
What do you think this object is? Please leave your comment below!

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  1. It looks to me like it&#39;s being towed by something submerged. Even though you can&#39;t see a line or cable it the video it (to me) is being pulled by something. <br /><br />In the Florida Keys where I live there are subs that map the sea floor and have a &quot;float&quot; like that to send info directly to a satellite. I may be wrong but being on the water most of my life I can pretty much

  2. links aren&#39;t comments.. take the time to moderate and it will deepen your site…two or three choice ones.<br /><br />This looks like a bouy or some artificial item being towed by some unfortunate large fish..perhaps even a dolphin.

  3. The so-called USO looks to me like a toy, probably a radio controlled water toy, belonging to one of the crew members onboard the boat. Whatever it is, from what I see in the footage, it looks man-made, and unlkiely to belong to mermaids.

  4. This looks to me like a Shark or a Whale that has become snagged in a fishing net or a line and is towing a float along the surface.

  5. This thing was moving way too fast for it to be dragged by a whale or shark. I can&#39;t comfortably say that it&#39;s not man made, by why on earth would the Sweeds out of all people, create a hoax to make people believe that it was some unknown object? At some point, people really need to use their noggins a bit more and start looking at the fact that not everything can be explained and deal

  6. It&#39;s a tracking tag. Usually scientists will attach one to a whale, shark or porpoise to track their position(migration) via satellite. They are designed to be remotely released once enough data is collected.

  7. There are no sting rays in these waters outside of Gothenburg, whales and sharks are also very uncommon. Also notice how the fishing buoy is travelling in a straight direction, and not in a distressed zigzaging motion as you&#39;d expect from a harpooned whale etc. To me it could be either two things; a) an optical illusion as the boat travels against the strong currents or b) a vessel of some

  8. To those of you that do not know Swedish..<br />They know it is a buoy. The debate in the clip is about the &quot;thing&quot; that is dragging it. This is near a location where people have reported unknown submarine sightings the last weeks. There is a possibility it might be a small species of dolphin that live in this region. But unlikely since the buoy probably i connected to a large net from

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