Triangle-shaped craft hovering above Oro City, Philippines 14-Sep-2011

UFO sightings 2011 – Stationary triangle UFO was seen and recorded in the night sky aove Cagayan de Oro City in Philippines on Wednesday, 14th September 2011.
Witness report: Gets pretty bizarre at the 3 and 7 minute marks.
– Not a plane or air traffic lights
– A view of down the street was taken for perspective.
– No editing was done to the video.
– This was filmed on the mountainside of Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines on 9/14/2011.
Author (BPOrdersTutorial @ youtube)

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  1. Very classy UFO and still images. I was impressed by the videographer's cool demeanour while shooting. We, the videoless, can only aspire to similar greatness.

  2. Dom där triangelformade och klotrunda rymskeppen i atmosfären är det staplade i hundratal i varje stor-rymdskepp för det att vara det i värlar som den här.<br /> De finns ett trettiotal såna här just nu.<br />Mikel Det Vänligen

  3. pitty he couldent keep still and coughing his lungs up we may have seen something ,i cant understand how people cant keep still when filming something as important as this kind of event

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