UFO filmed during Dodgers vs Giants baseball game? San Francisco, 10-Sep-2011

Latest UFO sightings – This video was recorded during the Giants vs Dodgers game in San Francisco, California on Saturday, 10th September 2011. It does not appear to be a plane.

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  1. I&#39;ve never seen a balloon that moved like that, not even in wind. Neither have I seen a seagull that can fly without wings.<br />I can&#39;t really say what this object is but I&#39;m certain it&#39;s unidentified. The reason being that I slowed the video down 99% and concentrated on when the object re-appeared from behind the reporters head and then zoomed in, I noticed that the object

  2. yep, this brain-dead dope (i was going to call him a moron, but someone else beat me to it)narrating this video displays the intelligence that would cause him to mistake a balloon or seagull for a UFO. he should remove the tin-foil helmet from his head, put down his light sabre and come out of his mom&#39;s basement. now!

  3. look for the ripple in the sky as it disappears to her right, that is the same thing that happens in a sonic boom. also the wind is clearly blowing in the opposite direction

  4. Ummm … Balloon … hello! It looks like it could also be the wax wrapper from a stadium hotdog!<br /><br />&quot;Real&quot; is beating out &quot;Fake&quot; by 275 to 74 margin? Are you kidding me???<br /><br />C&#39;mon people … it&#39;s cool to THINK aliens are real … I think they are too … BUT blinding judgement to justify wishful thinking is just wrong!

  5. &quot;The wind is clearly blowing in the other direction&quot; … OH YEA??? Clearly you&#39;ve never been to a stadium or know nothing about professional sports. Here&#39;s WHY:<br /><br />Ever notice exactly WHY football teams who lose the coin toss are permitted to choose which end of the field they&#39;ll play first??? This prepares them for playing WITH or AGAINST the wind in the fourth

  6. CGI. I could create that effect easy with my animation software. In fact, I;ve done it loads of times. Even made a fake video of a UFO flying around and behind the Empire State Building. Never published it, of course, because I despise hoaxers who try to fool people.

  7. I dont know what this is. But to all who commented that this is a bird or a balloon…or hot dog wrapper??…I think you should consider of a few things.<br /><br />1. At 18secs on this video you see the object DISSAPPEAR with a very faint nearly invisible pulse or ripple emition or atmospheric change. This is most noticeable to the right in a cone shape projection.<br />This is more clear

  8. jeezz poor guy …everyone out there thats jumping the gun to post FAKE LOSER MORON you really need to assess 1.YOUR LIFE i mean really to take time out of ones day to write terrible stuff about a person who saw something that might be plausible, took the time to record it and posted it because he might care about the issue is just plain asinine im sure he doesn&#39;t want to add more garbage to

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