The So-Called Reasons of Governments in Trying to Consider UFO Sightings as Hoax

A lot of experts question as to why government authorities usually attempt to call UFO sightings as hoax? However here is a report claiming that government authorities do not intend to make their people terrified of real existence of these UFOs.
UFOs have intrigued the world for many years. The manner they show up from thin air has made them a puzzle. Their pattern and their claimed design have often drawn attention. Yet so far these UFOs had been generally named as hoax from scientists and aviation professionals.
Now there arrives an in-depth report that lastly shows that disapproval and questions brought up by the so called aviation experts and several government authorities were in fact targeted at making individuals secure about these things and denying the existence of any UFOs.
A report that is going to show up on History Channel is disclosing the intervening effort of the government and top secret approach of CIA in preventing reports on the sightings and near encounters with the UFO.
Now it has surfaced that US government and its secret service institutions had been attempting to stop even legitimate accounts from aircraft pilots and prompting them to ignore that anything of sort occurred.
Only more than 2 decades ago there was a near encounter of Japan Airlines 747 with a set of UFO that was also documented by air traffic control. The UFOs whose quantity at one time went up to 3 went after the aircraft for around 30 minutes prior to disappearing in thin air.
An ex – senior officer of Federal Aviation John Callahan claims that he had to give up all the documents regarding the UFO sighting that were gathered by air traffic control and particulars given by pilot to CIA authorities who told him to keep quite on the matter. He mentioned that the authorities explained that it was important so as not to scare the American public.
A Huffington Post report reveals that there is an increase in sightings of the UFOs and a lot more such sightings are blown out as hoax. (c) 2011
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  1. If the History Channel is coming up with a documentary about the government cover-up of UFOs, I hope it is very well publicized so that people will watch it. However, it may never be shown because of government disapproval and threats.

  2. Dear!<br /> Idag vet alla Ledare och regeringar att de inte kan dölja det för sitt folk det om ufo och ifo. De får närmare begripa det att folk ser sånt på det himlen överallt på jorden. Tills vidare vill vi då veta vad de har för vidskeplighet då oc h det så rädda om sina positioner.<br />Mikel det just vänlgen

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