Daytime UFO video filmed in Fresno, California 22-Oct-2011

UFO sightings – This daytime morphing object was recorded in the sky above Fresno in California on Saturday, 22nd October 2011 around 5:50 pm. Camera: Sony trv-103, about 25 times zoom.

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  1. OK. Unsolicited hand-held shooting without a tripod advice. Good for UFOs and birthday parties alike.<br /><br />1. Use your body as a tripod – it&#39;s easy.<br />2. Set feet apart at least half the length of your leg — try wider too.<br />3. Hold camera to your eye with both hands, elbows out to make an &quot;A&quot; shape<br />4. Try to use your lower back and hips to swivel, not your arms.<

  2. Hey,looks like a Flying Saucer.Made in the U.S.A.The one with a remote.(Seriously,my whole Second Grade Class saw two Flying Saucers in Fresno,CA about 10:15 a.m. May 15th,1961 they seemed to be just above the rooftops,only a couple of blocks away!Going in a back and forth surveying mode.They were so cold,they were covered in cold mist.)

  3. Could anyone tell me why the time at the bottom right is moving around. As for the shaking, Nice try on making the the ufo look like it,s moving super sonic speeds and defying our laws of physics. I strongly believe in UFOs but this one for sure is fake… You guys should take this down as it may tarnish the sites reputation.

  4. If anyone make fake ufo videos?? It was kind of fun in the 70ties,but not anymore-sooo stop it and lets have the real stuff from now on-PLEASE grow up and wake up too

  5. Please stop posting these ridiculous videos. This one in particular should be removed. Perhaps,if we stop trying to fake this phenomenon, the real truth will be known. We live in a multi-dimensional universe. Whomever posted this vid lives in just two.

  6. Nothing more than a mylar ballooon dancing in the wind. I am extremely frustrated with all these rediculous videos wasting my, and many others&#39;. time.

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