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Your UFO reports: 15th October – 22nd October 2011
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Cedar Park, Texas, 78613 – 10/22/11
I have seen a blue/white light over the house behind mine once before, about 9 months ago. It was extremely bright and moved slowly from behind a tree, over the roof of the other house and quickly vanished. All in a matter of 2 seconds. But the light was three times as bright as an airplane, which we see a lot out here. I see the planes land all the time. They are loud, slow, and travel a straight line over my house. This light went from right to left and vanished into thin air.
Tonight I was talking to my mother in my back yard, the same place. I was dozing off listening to her and saw two lights of the same size, color and brightness high up in the sky out of the corner of my eye. As I quick looked, thinking it was a low plane, I saw it was sitting still in the sky and twice as bright. Suddenly it moved and vanished. It looked like a movie. It hovered for abour 5 seconds then within half a second had moved across the sky. It was silent and moved so smooth and quick I thought I had imagined it. My mother asked what I was so excited about but she had not been looking.
I feel like I had hallucinated. It was so bright and vivid. I know I saw it, but the longer I sit and look at the sky, the more crazy I feel.
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Madeira Island / Portugal – 22 Oct 2011
Took a picture of the sun setting behind the trees and those little white lights appeared when i was seeing it on my PC, thought it was lensflare so i went outside and took the secound picture, and it was still there, 2/3 minutes after the first photo was taken!
Not shure if it really is lensflare, i’ve re-cleaned the lens before i took the 2nd picture.

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Milford, Ohio – October 22, 2011
Bright orange-red lights in the sky slowly going from East to West. I was concerned it was an airplane on fire, so I went out on the deck to observe. Suddenly, it changed course and headed due North. It stopped and hovered for a minute or two and then disappeared from sight at the blink of an eye.
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Charlotte, North Carolina – 10-20-11
I was at my house located near i-85 in Charlotte NC and saw 3 lights that where coming straight from the area where the sun would normally rise. I don’t know if it was north or west, but it was traveling fast, about faster than (m-2) which is mock 2. One light split off the other two and the other two lights kept traveling parallel next to each other. I shined my laser pointer at them and flickered my laser pointer (led) light in a pattern to see if i would get a reaction or a signal. By the time i saw them go away it was time to head to school. The time this happened was at 6:40 am.
I say people please keep an eye out for NC….there is more to come.
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Visalia, California – october 20, 2011
The light is to the south east of me, towards the upper d of the sky. It flashes red and blue rapidly and flies straight up, down, and dashes right and left repeatedly. Sometimes moves in a square shape.
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Nelson, Virginia – 10/20/2011
For months now in and around the cow pasture and woods I live in Nelson, VA, small, silent, flashing lights or UFOs are seen traveling in circles, hovering over trees, and landing near a lighted tower. one flew overhead and I thought I could see and X shape. I’m retire Marine Air Wing and Federal Law Enforcement and I still identify aircraft type and sounds with ease from about half a runway (7000 feet or so) away. There are no international or late night flights within 40 miles of here. This town isn’t even on the map (See Clarksville, VA).
But everynight they’re here…to the point that I’m starting to get anxious over it. Suggestions?
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Mountain Veiw Rd Sweet Home Oregon – 10/19/2011
I dont have any video’s altho I do have a camera phone. I was walking to my sister’s house from my own about 10 blocks away. It was very late in the night but wanted to see her first thing. I was upset with her and wanted to tell her what I thought. But midway on my walk I saw a gold bar flying in the air noiseless and didnt think much of it but wow that’s a bright light and very close to me then a beam of white light came down on me like I was in spot light by a extrememly bright white light and I hit the ground somehow made it another 4 blocks not remembering a step of it and time loss of about 2 1/2 hours. My son in law picked me up at 5:30 in the morning still four blocks from my sisters house with cuts all over my body from hitting the asphault my phone recorded five calls to my ! daughter that she never recieved. No more late night walks for me!!!!!
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Leek, Staffordshire, UK – 19/10/2011 at 23:30
A strange white light in the night sky, almost shimmering red. Not sure about the distance or size. This took place on Wednesday the 19th of October 2011 and from where I was standing it was North-West ish (mainly in the direction of Manchester). It was in the sky for aprox 10-15 mins. I was in the back garden when I was filming and its the stream that runs past that you can hear.
Nothing much happens or the video and I was trying to hold it as steady as I could but about the 2 minute mark thats when you notice the light Disappear, reappear almost flashing (not brightly) and moving suddenly around in the night sky.
Video link:
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Jacksonville, Florida – 10/19/2011
Every night in the Jacksonville, Florida Skies (not stars)
A few weeks ago while star gazing, i started noticing that most of them were moving. Not in the direction of our planets rotation, but rather racing back n forth, turning on 90 degree n less angle turns. Also swaying back n forth. The movement from here on the ground would travel to what appears up to be about 1″ to 1-1/2″ before turning or curving back around in a different direction. That doesn’t sound like much distance but if you consider that these objects are in our atmosphere, a star moving 1-1/2″ in the sky must be a pretty good distance of travel. And the speed that they travel this distance must be great as well. They seem to be in patterns and holding there positions for the most part and have been there a while now…. As crazy as it sounds and appeared to me myself, I had to get some other person/s to see this as well to insure i wasn’t seeing things. So I had my kids come out as well as a few of their friends to see these objects as well.. The d! id in fact see them and noticed there movements just as I was… I myself do not the equipment or resources to film these objects, but believe someone should try to document them with a high powered telescopic/camera. Just have to get this out there n tell someone…Thanks…If you witness this as well please comment back, also if you have the equipment to document this please send me a copy…Thanks again…
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Longmont, CO. 80501 – 10/18/2011
I was looking up into the stars, closed my eyes, opened them and above me was a triangle shape that first looked like a flock of birds flying in a v shape, two rows and too close together for birds to fly, no wings flapping and it was 9:00pm at night. The color of what looked like birds was a soft whitish non luminant roundish spots, sort of oval shaped. approx 30 on each side of the point of the triangle. It had no sound what so ever, was flying low like a flock of birds would. After it went over at at slow but steady pace, I was not able to see it anymore. I kept my eyes on the sky and in the direction that it had gone, I looked up towards the stars and saw a shooting star going up. I have had a hard time processing what I have seen, to the point of feeling fear when looking into th! e stars as I do every night, I expect the UFO to be there. I am not one to scare easily but this experience has shaken me.
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Michigan City, IN – 10/18/11 approximately 6:30pm
Me and My boyfriend were heading home from the lighthouse mall a little after sundown. It was a chilly, windy, fall evening. The sky was dark blue with few visible stars but bits of clouds in which had a dark burnt orange hew to them.
My boyfriend was driving. He noticed a glowing object in the sky and pointed it out to me. It was about the size of a blimp. It was bright. It radiated a whitish, somewhat blue color and it was a ovalish, fat-disk shape. It almost seemed like it illuminated the immediate area around it as well. It reminded me of a glow stick. There were no “lights” shining down or onto it or anything else… the entire surface of the object was emitting a soft, but strong, glowing light.
I thought it maybe just a blimp lit up like a lantern, but it wasn’t. There were no letters or signs… the light was too bright for them to be visible anyway. Plus it wasn’t a fat blimp shape. It was a bit more elongated and skinnier, like a disk, but not so flat. There was no soil outline of the object. The light was too bright to see that. It moved smooth and straight like a blimp would but faster.
We raced threw town, following it, attempting to catch up. He rolled threw stop signs and sped a bit. He was so excited, very loud, freaking out cause we might be actually seeing something crazy. He wanted to stop and buy a camera, I insisted that we did not because we will loose it! He kept repeating “How can nobody else see this?!?” I had to remind him to keep some of his attention to the road. We kept loosing sight of it because of the trees along the road blocking our view.
It was moving south, or away from the lake at a steady speed. It was traveling maybe 30-40 miles an hour. We got really close to it when it was above the wooded area behind a jewel osco. I’m sure someone in the area could have look straight up at it from their back yard!
We hopped onto US-20 and it seemed to be following I-94, now traveling west. Now it was traveling about 60-70 miles an hour. It was farther away from us. It was also higher in the sky. But now We were able to get a good long look at the entire object. The color was more white now and then we defiantly seen a red light on top of the object and then another red light on bottom.
We got off of US-20 and passed over I-94. We found a field an pulled over and watched the object continuing to head west. It moved out of veiw into the porter/chesterton area.
When we got home, my boyfriend regretted not chasing it. We told a friend. He agreed what we described did sound odd. We did not report it to anyone else. My boyfriend did make the comment “If’s funny how we see something so strange but act like nothing happen.”
I researched blimps and light and did not pull up anything other than UFO sightings. But no photographs similar to what I saw.
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Bangalore, India – 18th Oct 2011
I stay in Jayanagar, Bangalore India. It was around 12:30 AM 18th 0ctober,2011, when I got up and was looking from my window. I noticed Orange Bright and round or say ellipise type of Object moving very slowly over the green trees. First I strangely looked at it and suddenly realized the behaviour of the object as it is illuminating and going slow with out any support. I ran to my Tarrace to see what exactly that object it and it was about say 1 miles distance glowing in bright light but it had no orange shade. And I started browsing about strange lights, and to my surprise I saw many vedios that has the same behaviour of the object. Have I really seen a UFO in Jayanagar, Bangalore, India?
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Scariff Co Clare, Ireland – 18 october 2011
6.15 curtains open and was drawn to look out.2 orange lighted objects moving side by side and then one above and below.A very constant movement as if just gliding.Have seen a craft previously in 1983.Had a dream of a very large craft and lots of smaller ones around it.A feling of joy and am not surprised to witness this now.Am an avid skywatcher and have had a barage of chemtrails here of late and ceaseless rain.Have aircraft landing at Shannon and know the precise directions and lightings.Have no doubt at all about what my husband and I witnessed.
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Indianapolis, Indiana – 10/17/11
At 3 to 5 a.m., saw a bright light rise from horizon. No clouds in the sky. Google sky shows it as jupiter, yet jupiter arrived at about 6am. Jupiter went by but this light was stationary for 2-3 hrs.I thought it was a planet but planets do not defy their course.
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Monte Grande, Buenos Aires, Argentina – 17/10/2011
[direct translate from Spanish] The photograph was taken by a colleague at a college party is daughter October 17, 2011 in an open space (Monte Grande Rugby Club) with a digital camera, the photographs was not modified at any time if you think which is a real sighting Please let me respond.
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London, UK – 17 oct 2011
I live in South London, and I was outside stargazing, when I spotted a UFO, I then saw some fly in the direction of this UFO. I knew what it was right away, for some time now, I have noticed that someone is shooting at the UFO, and I don’t mean from any planes, about two months ago, I and three guys where watching UFO coming towards my flat, all of a sudden we saw something fly over our heads and toward this UFO. It must have also seen the shot, because it did a side movement and then took off a great speed, we where all shocked at what we had witnessed, had the UFO not moved, it would have been hit. I have heard that it’s us who are firing at the UFOs in our airspace, I have also been told that they may be using some kind off scalar weapon, I’m sure more people have seen this, but may ! not realise that’s what’s happening, at first I thought it was shooting stars, til I realised that this is only happening when there is a UFO about, I have noticed over the last week, that they are not making themselves so visible throughout the nite, but come 4.30am when the planes( normal and military planes) start coming ove( i live under a very busy flight path)r, then u can see them as clear as day, I’m concerned that one day they mayhit one and it will coming crashing down onto someone home, and could even end up killing someone, it makes me me to see t
that mankind is trying to kill everything down here and now they are trying to do the same in space, it seems like mankind loves war, shooting at UFOs is only going to bring trouble to mankind, and all because of a few wicked people, one day those people will have to answer to someone higher and greater. Peace
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Auburn Hills, Michigan – 10/17/11
Description and date of incident: This is about 5 craft that I saw when I steped out of my apartment, I was walking to my car and what looked like big helicopters, I relized there was no sound at all, so I went to a high hill about 200 feet from my car and snapped these pics on my 3 mega pixel lg phone. The one craft had such a powerfyl light, brighter than any light i ever seen in my life, and it would get bright then dim , then it seemed that all the crafts were going around each other hovering, as you can see there was about 8 crafts, all different in size and different colors , the lights that is. It was mind blowing, then the bright light one went to the left and faded away, the others went the opposite way and one went up. After I drove out of the delevopment, I looked and saw ! in the air they were very very far away. Wondering if anyone saw this , amazing! In one of the pictures there is a red energy coming from one of the crafts, the one that looks like a disc, I didnt see this until i looked at the pic. When i looked in the sky , the entire horizon there was lights that looked like they were 100 miles apart just hovering, while what it looked like was blinking lights really far behind them.


I wrote in the picture, but here is what happened. I was walking out of my house to get my wife from school, it was 8:30 pm. As I was walking to the car port, I noticed down the road a lot of very very bright lights. At first I thought they were helicopters, shanooks, because the vice president just visited and I saw those helicopters a few days prior in the air.
But I came to my senses and relized there was no sound at all. So I just stood there in the middle of my street stairing at thee things, they were getting closer and brighter. So I walked down my road about 30 feet and had a pretty good view, but there was still an apartment building in my way. So I decided to get in my car and driver to where my mailboxes are, they are sitting on top of a hill, with a view of some of the town. I got there, it was about 40 yards from my car port, and took these pictures with my phone.
What I saw was amazing, it was what seemed to be about a few miles away from me, but very good view, what stood out to me was the brightness of the lights. My mind was trying to make sence out of this, I first thought that they were helicopters, but there was zero sound, then I looked for blinking lights ,no lights blinking at all, then I thought fighter jets, but they were not moving like a plane, they were moving like helicopters in a way, but much faster and more in melody with each other.
What I rembering saying to myself was that seem to be human, they move with each other as if they were synerized swimmers, everything seemed in harmony with each other, it almost looked like they were trying to talk with there movements of there crafts. Thats when I knew these werent planes or helicopters or anything I ever saw in my life.
So I started sanpping pictures, I remember that the one craft shined its light on the ground , it looked like lights from a ball park, they were so bright, they stayed lit for about 1 minute, then the light from the one craft dimmed, but still very bright, I noticed also that the other craft stayed very close to each other, also the crafts started to go into formation, on in the middle, one on the left and right and one on the top, the one on the top went up, the one in the middle stood still and the other 2 went right and left. They then looked like they were doing loops around each other.
I was looking around to see if anyone else was outside , but it was just me, I was so stunned I wanted to share this with everyone, o yea, I looked at the sky, it was a very clear night, still not 100% black out yet, and I noticed so many other crafts in the air, all over the sky, and in formations, just sitting there , as if they were looking at al this happeneing. I noticed that there were other craft in the sky, ufos, spaced about what looked like 50-100 miles apart form each other very high in the sky, they were spread across the entire horizon from what my eye could view.
I also remember right before I left, I saw in the distance airplains or helicopters coming, I would say they were about 30-50 miles away, they were taking the same path as the ufos took from the first point I saw them coming to the point where I starting taking the pictures. Once I saw the blinking lights, the one ufo with the very bright light, turned to its side, as if the craft went sideways, and its lights dimmmed to the point I could not see the ufo anymore. Then it seemed all the ufos started to leave, this is when I deciced to get the wife and show her what I was seeing.
It was about 8:45 and I had to go get my wife from school by 9pm. So I raced out of my delevopment, which took me 2 minutes to get out of to the main road, I looked in the sky again and they were going, very faint in the sky now, there lights dimmed, as i got to my wifes school they were gone.
I would love to hear if anyone else in the Auburn Hills area around 8:30pm on 10/17/11 saw this as well, I would love to talk. thanks, I have more pics as well, the picture that I uploaded needs to be blown up so you can see what i wrote and also you can actually see the discs.
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Parker, Colorado – October 17, 2011
5:55 a.m. Monday, October 16 I was up drinking coffee in my living room. I decided to open the front window and let some air in. I glanced up at the South west sky and saw what I thought was a huge, at least a few hundred yards long, glorious looking planet, so close to the earth, with beautiful colors moving all around it. It was huge! I wondered which planet would appear so close and brilliantly that I could see the moving colors so well. Then it moved south east about 1/3 of the way from where I’d been watching it. I put my phone to Google Sky map to see which planet it was. I couldn’t find it. Then it moved south east again and stopped. A smaller object to the upper left of it moved along with it. Now it started to move again and I ran to my back porch and there it was again, except! it changed the shape from which it had been, while still moving. The fourth photo I took was the only one from my back yard. I froze in disbelief at what I was looking at. I watched it until it disaappeared which happened very suddenly after this point. I couldn’t hear any noise except for the distant traffic from E-470. Surely others witnessed this strange sighting as well. I want to know what it was. I’m from Big Sky Country and have been an avid star/planet gazer for over forty years. Never have I seen anything like this! By the way, the photos I took my Phone Camera can’t even compare to what it looked like with my naked eye. Please enlarge the photos so you can get a better view.
Ruth D

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North East of Bermuda – Sunday the 16th of October 2011

I took this photo looking North East of Bermuda at about 5:30 PM on Sunday the 16th of October 2011.
Thought you might find it interesting.
I have also seen the 4 or 5 random light formation here about a year ago.
hope you find this as interesting as I did. No traces of a plane and too thick to be a trail from a plane.
I have lived here all my life and never seen a plane trail like this???
– – – – – – – – – –
Brighton, east Sussex, UK – 16.10.11
I noticed a strange light white 6pm
Around 7.40 a bright orange sphere moving horizontally quite fast not aeroplane then disappearing. 15 mins later another the same disappearing at same point.
– – – – – – – – – –
Lincolnshire, England – 16/10/2011
On Sunday night I took a 60second exposure of my house and the stars. Whilst waiting for the photo to capture i walked inside the house, as i did so i heard a funny hovering like sound but obviously thought nothing of it. When looking through the photos afterwards I noticed the strange light in the sky. This was not there before i took the photo or afterwards. I was in the house for approx. 2 minutes.
What could this be?
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traveling north on Parker Fork rd in Lenoir county, NC (North Carolina) – oct-16-11
I had just left my mothers house on alexander rouse rd & turned left onto parker fork when i noticed a avg size light of an aircraft. we see alot of military planes @ night so it wasnt anything out of the norm but i went to look @ my phone & when i looked up i could see a large light bar that was flashing & im guessing about a 1/2 mile in front me & saw it go down behind a tree line. so once i saw this i turned left onto elijah loftin rd instead of turning right cause i had just called in a order & was going to get carry out from a local restaurant. once i turned left though i never saw the light again & i rode down woodington rd where i thought it was & also traveled down will baker rd & never saw it again. i had called a friend to see if anybody had sa! id anything on facebook but she said NO that i was crazy. i keep looking @ news outlets around here to see if any reports had come in. just please reply if anyone else saw these light around 7:30 pm .
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Denton, Tx (Texas) 76209 – 10/16/11
Triangle-shapped, black, white ripples on body of craft, was in the air for approx. 7 seconds then vanished.
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Brentwood (Contra Costa County) California – 10/16/11
I was sitting outside at around 9:30 PM and I happened to look up into the eastern sky and saw a somewhat dim red-colored object streak across the sky (no tail, like a fireball) moving in a generally south to north direction. It transited the sky in a only about five seconds, moving at about the rate of speed as would a jet fighter at low altitude, but it made no sound whatsoever. I am near-sighted, so I could not make out any details of the object at all. We have seen many airplanes fly overhead and this was moving far faster than any of them. It was difficult to discern at what altitude it may have been traveling at, but there were no navigation lights only the red glow, no sound, and it was hauling ass! Sorry, no video.
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Off the I-8 east of Yuma, Arizona – 10-16-11
My husband and I had just passed through Yuma on our way to Phoenix. It was approximately 2pm. He noticed a large whitish object over the mountain range to the north of the interstate. We were able to observe it for almost an hour, leading us to believe it was huge, as we could clearly see that it was not moving. It looked to have a shadow on the inside, almost like an infinity symbol. It appeared to generate it’s own soft glow, as we could clearly see the bright white from very far away.
– – – – – – – – – –
Ellijay, Georgia – 10/16/2011
i was at a public festival in town today with my girlfriend and her family. while her sisters were off, riding rides, i stood by, staring in the sky. i saw a silver-y, oval-shaped object, floating in the sky. without thinking much of it, i just kept staring at the thing. before i knew could piece it together, the thing disappeared out of thin air. i asked everyone i was around if they saw it but they said that they hadn’t. i don’t know how else to explain it.
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Tijuana, Mexico – October 16, 2011
Bright Sphere type UFO over Tijuana, Mexico.
Youtube video link:
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Walkerton, IN (Indiana) – 10-16-11
My boyfriend and I were driving on country roads going to Walkerton. We had seen chem trails and planes in the sky during most of the day. I glanced up at the sky and saw what appeared to be a star. It was very bright, just like a star would be at night, but this was around 4P.M. We watched it move side to side, dive down, rise back up. It kept getting brighter, then very dim. After about five minutes, it disappeared. We then saw it a second time about ten minutes later, but this time, when the light dimmed, we saw the spherical shape change to an elongated rod shape, and when the light would shine, it would change back to a sphere. it did this maybe 4 times and disappeared again. About twenty minutes passed, and we saw it AGAIN. There was a plane that was leaving chem trails, and it se! emed that the object we were seeing was following it. When it dimmed, we could see it very clearly. This was not a plane, and it was not a balloon of any sort. We watched it change shapes, light up and dim, dive and rise, and then split off into two objects and disappear. We saw it for one last time maybe five minutes later, this time the light dimmed and stayed dimmed. It was leaving a very short trail as if it were leaving the atmosphere. We watched until it was gone, and haven’t seen it since.
– – – – – – – – – –
Berlin, Germany fennbrück – 15.10.2011
i see the ufo in berlin frenbrücke fly ower the spree.
5 seconds after i my phone memory was empty the ufo fly into space or something… i was looking to my phone for second and i only see a fast moving light(like a star).
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Malaysia, Kelantan, Kota Baru – 15 oct 2011
I saw this big bright orange light in the sky coming from the northern sky,suddenly it stop for about a minute,just hovering there.After that it turn and fly towards the eastern sky.I don’t know what it is,and it was also seen by my wife and son.Luckily my son did snap a photo of the object,which is attached.I hope to read from you guys soon.Thank you.
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Trentino, Italy – 2011/10/15

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Craig, NE (Nebraska) – 10/14/2011 @ 9-10PM
I usually don’t report my own sightings to this website, but this is one that I think I should share. I had this strange feeling on the 14th that I needed to check Twitter for UFO sightings reports. Sure enough, there were dozens and dozens of tweets about UFOs being seen… So I decided to go outside and look for myself.
The sky was full of UFOs and ‘planes’ and random flashes of light. Hundreds of them. All over the place. White orbs filled the skies. It was incredible. And I got footage.
Youtube video link:
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between Envigado and The Village, Colombia – Wednesday October 12, 2011
[direct translate from Spanish] Pictures of UFO seen at 8pm on boundaries between Envigado and The Village, approximately, on Wednesday October 12, 2011. On November 16, 2010 had sent pictures of another triangular shaped. This time we saw the lights (13 or 14 plus one in the middle), formed a circle. He was quiet for several minutes and then headed east.

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Houston, Texas – 9/29/2011
I was looking through my satellite photography for the day 9/29/2011 and noticed something very unusual. It had some strange white dots on it. In 10 years I have never seen a satellite photo like this. As I looked at the photo in Powerpoint, you can make out groups of 2 and groups of 5 traveling in formation. Could the GOES satellite actually have captured a fleet of UFOs over Texas. Like I said, I’ve never seen this before and find its so unusual its worth sending to you for inspection. I have a 10 year history of looking at satellite photography.
– – – – – – – – – –
Southwest Houston, Tx – 9/27/2011
so im at work… and my co worker asks me to pull up a cargo van for a rental.. and i do so and as im about to get outta the van & turn the key into the lobby… something big & dark catches my eye… i look up outta the driver window & see something long & evenally shaped… looked like a cigar… it was really really high in the sky but still huge… i couldnt take my eyes off of it.. cuz ive never seen what i thought was a bird or plane that high before… it bounced around like a bat…up down and kinda side to side… then it moved as if it was going up an escalator…. & went left right up left & straight up….and BOOOOOOM it was gone…. now lemme explain myself to anyone who may think ive been hitting the brillo pad… ive never …. & i mean EVE! R … been that girl 2 believe in ET’s or UFO’s or any crap like that before… i used to even laugh at that movie dazed & confused cuz of that weirdo who sings about ALIENS…. but now… u cant tell me… what i saw was an airplane… it didnt belong to this planet… i cant stop looking up… im almost paranoid… it was just playing in our sky… it scared me… i didnt even get outta the van til my co worker came & asked whats taking so long… all im saying is KEEP A CAMERA HANDY… & look up into the sky… u never know what u might see … or catch looking back down at you….
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Roma – Via Pratica Di mare verso Pomezia, Italy – 20/09/2011
[direct translate from Italian language] Hello, my name is Franco and I want to send these photos taken from my car while I drove, I was being practical Of Mare (Rome), I send you because it is obvious that in a cloud of hiding an object round in shape.
In a photo we can see the shadow of the bottom and the reflection in the upper right.
All photos were taken on 20/09/2011 at 18:13.
The glass of the car was a little dirty but that cloud looks very good. I hope you can give my contribution.

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Outside Of Chesapeake, Virginia – May 2011
About five months ago, I was a witness to a UFO flying over what seemed like Oceania, clearly visible from Chesapeake, VA. It looked similar to a plane, yet large. 5 minutes into the sighting, another craft seemed to aim directly at it. When they were within estimate 1 to 2 miles of collision by proximity, the UFO took a sharp turn and died out, heading to the left. A documentary video was taken, but is not able to be presented at the moment, but will be once we quiet the audio, which exposes our voices. We wish our names to not be known for sake of anonymity
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Bronte Sydney NSW Australia – 31.03.11
I’ve been afraid to mention to anyone except my partner because I have a local business and didn’t want to appear crazy. But after looking around on this and other sites I just want to tell you all that I saw a large stationary object at about 5pm on Thursday 31.03.11. It was still daylight and I had been enjoying my day off so I was painting happily. I Walked past the balcony door and a bright light caught my attention so I stopped and stared not even wanting to blink at first. Shaped like a slightly squashed beach ball (not a disc) dull silver but really really bright (could be illuminated or just the sun bouncing off) It was just sitting under some fat grey storm clouds It wasn’t moving or making any sound. I was frozen for about 2 mins I rubbed my eyes and blinked to be very sure th! at I haven’t hallucinated it. It was beautiful, incredible and I feel extremely lucky although I did call the cat in and close the sliding door at the time nervously. I dashed to grab binoculars came back and yes still there. (I don’t have a camera except on my phone and thats crap). I fumbled with getting the things out of the case and didn’t want to look away but had to for just a split second and when I looked back gone. Dispite my regrets that I had no one to share the experience with and that I didn’t see it leave or have any proof, I say this with my hand on my heart. I have no doubt left in me about whether they exist.. I absolutely know, I saw and I could die happy with that. Would like to know if anyone else saw anything over Bronte NSW Australia about 5pm on 31.03.11
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12 miles S.W. of MountainAir, New Mexico – on or about March 15, 2011
My husband and I were living in a redrock canyon on Hwy 60 just 2 miles south of the Abo ruins in New Mexico. I saw at least six amber colored lights above a large mesa to the SE of us. They were NOT flares, they did not fall or fade. There was no smoke visable and there was no sound. My best guess it it was about a mile wide. A few of the lights would go out at times and then come back on. The lights always remained the same distance apart from one another. I watched for over ten minutes, went back into the house to get a picture phone and it was gone when I returned to the porch.
I haven’t spoken to many people about this, but have started doing some research on what I saw. It looked just like the famous “Phoenix lights” from what I have seen on the internet. I will never forget it as long as I live. I wish I had a camera that worked at the time. Our camera’s batteries were dead and we had been packing to move to Arizona.
We did see several strange lights in the night sky over the four months we lived there. Some seemed like they could be planes until they made strange manouvers no known plane could make or completely disappeared. As always there was never any sound.
I also thought the timing was odd because we had seen over 120 new tanks and various other military vehicles being transported on the train that passed by our house every day that past week. Were they watching our military’s intentions?
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somewhere in a war zone Afeganistan maybe – Date unknown
Its a newspaper news about 8Australian women going to war zones to fight….just check the photograph on top of the mountain:
its definatly not a place or ballon, and its shape isnt aerodynimcs friendly as you can see.
Hope im not wrong, but do tell me if i am, no problem 🙂
Im not a fanatic just interested, and i stumble across this photo and i was WOW !!
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Saint Vith, Belgium – 1987

I have been abudcted by a very quiet spaceship in 1987 in Saint Vith/ Belgium – a flash and missing time – nobody here wants to hear anything about that. Amazing! People think I am a loony! I had a cyst on my back and the doctor who operated me find a very small metallic wire looking golden inside. The events took place 2 years before the Belgian wave of sightings. Some memories comes back to me sometimes. I’m 63 years old.
But I am not shy to give my views, even unsolicited, and I did so today on this topic.
Your opinion?
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  1. In regards to the Milford, Ohio sighting last night 10/22/11, we saw the exact same orange object in central Illinois. We witnessed it headed south, then it slowed down and headed back north with our car. We pulled over and watched it disappear rather quickly toward the north. Within moments of it disappearing, there was a huge flash of light back toward the direction where we first saw the

  2. Anybody can point they&#39;re camera at the sun, and see U.F.O&#39;s.<br />This is just lens-flair… try it, and see for yourself.

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