Fast UFO orbs in the sky over Portland, Oregon 8-Oct-2011

UFO videos – This two UFOs or Orbs were recorded in the sky above Portland, Oregon on Saturday, 8th October 2011.
Witness report: My wife witnessed 2 glowing orbs in the sky while she was driving down our street on SE Sherrett St. She has an incredible video that she shot from her iPhone, through her windshield. The lights spun around each other and then descended to the ground where they then went behind some trees and out of view. She is very reluctant to share this experience, so I am writing this for her. The video is 34 seconds long, and it is incredible.
Author (source: mufon)

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  1. I already see the sceptics saying those are RC planes…<br /><br />i believe they&#39;re not! show me one video where they can fly so fast and their lights are always seen the same… like an ORBS?!

  2. These look like 2 orbs, the 3rd one not as clear, but maybe a reflection. These objects can&#39;t be planes because they float around each other. This seems to be real because who would want to film a hoax from a car window?

  3. I don&#39;t know if they are real on not. The night videos on on my iP 4 are never that back lit as the night sky it this video. However, if there is a Being controlling each one of those orbs, then they are having way to much FUN! Because it is every humans dream to move like that in the sky! And even if these are not real some of the hundred of videos which I have seen do show orbs &amp; crafts

  4. I have tried to get this website to correct the title of my video. It was not filmed in MO. It was filmed on Sat 10-08-11 at 7:04pm in Portland, OR on the corner of SE 72nd Ave &amp; SE Sherrett St. How they came up with Missouri I don&#39;t know :-). We met with Tom Bowden of MUFON yesterday evening. He is investigating the video. Hopefully he can find some answers for us.

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