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Brønderslev, Denmark- Oct 8, 2011
Im sending af link to my personal youtube where i have uploaded a video taken today in Denmark, Brønderslev. Oct 8, 2011
We saw a …thing.. appear out of nowhere. It was very very bright orange, and we followed for about 5 minuttes… it had a path and dident just flow … it turned 2 times, and moved on. It appeard in the north and headed northwest. It was not a balloon, shooting star, sos flair, plain or anything like that.. this was very real, and scary as hell!! It had no sound, and wasent in a hurry eigther. It was hard to see the size or shape because of the extremely bright light. At a moment, it seemed to turn our way, and come closer, but it turned away… we tried to follw as close as possible.
This has also been reportet to SUFOI, (skandinavian UFO information)
Youtube video link:
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Binghamton, NY – 10-08-11
Walking home on Broad Ave in Binghamton,NY at 1955 hours and noticed 15-25 bright red orbs slowly raising into the sky and then vanishing. the entire even was approximately 10-15 minutes.
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Saint Augustine, Florida – 10/8/2011
Last night in about 10:30 pm I witness something in the sky that put me and my wife in shock. Over the Atlantic shores of St. Augustine an unknown bright object in a boomerang shape with orange and red lights were drifting in the sky for 45 minutes and then stop and turn into a large white bright ball with a light tale. The object do not made any noise but the intensity of light change every 10 seconds. So far I do not see any reports of such object from NASA, JPL or any other witness. The entire event was recorded and will be available for the public today evening.
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Bloomfield) – OCT.8,2011 AT about 1am
I was on my back deck smoking a cigarette and the sky was very clear,the moon and stars were bright,then out of nowhere a bright object came out of the sky very low ,when i say low ,i meen about a mile over homes, then it descended downward very bright and then disappeared. Listen im not crazy i iknow what i saw ,i just wish i had a video camera. It was not a shooting star or a known aircraft,it was so fast when it starterd to takeoff,it was mind bobbling. You can choose to believe what you want but i am now a believer. I also hold a very respectable job,never in trouble and have a great family!
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37˚ 57’North / 22˚ 48’East Greece – 7th October 2011
The ufo that we have reported you on October 3rd, IS STILL HERE EVERY NIGHT. It stays untill aproximately 08:30am the next morning. Then ascendind and vanishes. It is huge, it is big , it is REAL. Nobody reacts to this information. It seems like people prefer to watch videos on the internet, than witnessing live this phenomenon. Thanks for reading.
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Walker, Louisiana – October 7, 2011
I was outside walking my dog at 10:24 A.M. when I looked up and saw a flying saucer. I looked away when I thought I heard a car. There was no car. I looked back and it disappeared. It couldn’t have hidden behind anything beacause there were no trees that it could reach in time. Anyone else who saw it please post it because right now I think I’m crazy.
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Germany, Kaiserslautern – 7th October 2011
On the night of the 7th October 2011 me and a friend made an unbelievable UFO sighting in the night sky. Three orbs surrounding eachother like a triangle tilting and turning, flying in a straight line. Stopped beneath the moon and faded out in the moonlight. We had a camera with us but it couldnt record the object, it all went very fast. The sighting itself was about 5 seconds before the object faded out. There are videos on the internet like the one from Japan in 2010, that are very similar if not exactly the same in nature like the sighting last night. I live near the Ramstein Air Base and iv’e already seen thousands of planes and helicopters, flares and floodlights, aswell as shooting stars, but this was something I couldnt even imagine, it looked unreal, like out of a transformers m! ovie. It’S fascinating how it stopped directly under the moon as if it wanted to hide in the light. I am very nervous.
Thank you and I hope this report is of any use to the UFO community.
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Hollywood, CA [Sunset Blvd] – Fri, 7 Oct, 2011
Around 2am my girlfriend and I were driving East on Sunset Blvd when a craft with alternating red/green flashing lights flew past at roughly the height and speed of a helicopter. I pulled over to get a better look. It would come and go, flying off in one direction, then appearing again somewhere else seconds later, again I make reference to a helicopter because it resembled one that was searching for something. However, both my GF and I were immediately struck by the fact that this probably wasn’t a copter – if it was, what were the flashing lights all about? It was crossing back and forth as if looking for something, but didn’t have a search light pointed at the ground; it also made no sound – from its distance, if it was a copter, it for sure would have been audible to us. We’re not s! ure if there was 1 or 2 of them, but if it was just one, I’m surprized how it could go out behind one building, then reappear from behind another one, maybe 10 blocks away, literally 2-3 seconds later. Sorry, we had no recording equipment with us, and taking a pic would’ve just looked like a motion blur. We tried hard to make out its/their shape, but it was too dark.
Later that day, I called West Hollywood Sheriff’s dept to see if anyone had reported anything like this. After 2 mins on hold, the operator came back and said there were police helicopters out during the night, that was why I saw red and blue flashing lights in the sky. I reminded her that I said they were red and green, not red and blue; then asked if she minded telling me why were they flashing? At this point she hurried me off the line, saying she had an emergency call she had to take. Hmmmm… Well, neither of us have ever seen a helicopter like this, if that’s what it was..couldn’t find a pic of one online either.
Then, walking my dog outside my apt. in West Hollywood [off of Sunset Blvd] at circa 3am, I saw a brilliant white light hanging in the sky. At first I thought it was the North star, but it seemed too bright for even that; then I thought I saw it sort of wobble, then move slowly away. After the other craft I’d just seen, I realized that my imagination might be a little excited, and it probably was just a star, and it probably wasn’t moving, so I stopped and stood very still and just stared at it. Yup, it was moving alright, very slowly, then it stopped and just hung there again.
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Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais in Brazil – 7th October 2011
[direct translate from Portugal language] Hi good evening, I saw yesterday around 18:45 these images, I live in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais in Brazil, I was impressed and filmed a point in the sky and shake it up if I do not know what to do and I this site
ta ai no youtube, please, if they send me somewhere, because I do not know what it is, and if asemelha the videos you have on site
Youtube video link:
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Downtown Cleveland, Ohio – 10/7/2011
Looking east from the rooftop of Velvet Dog bar in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, a white light was circling above the Key Bank corporate office. The object was present for about 30 minutes. It would make nearly impossible 180 degree loops that no American aircraft could possibly make, and accelerate at great speeds to where the light would disappear and reappear very fast; Im assuming it was traveling nearly vertically to do this. Also, it would sometimes appear to hover in one location, and then accelerate again and make its loops. I tried to take a video on my HD camcorder on my phone, but it was too far away to get any visual of the light. At least 10 other people along with me saw it and agreed it was not a normal event.
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Allston, Massachusetts – 10/7/2011
Driving down Fordham Street, looking North, a bright light appeared in the sky made a circle and shot toward the horizon and then disappeared. The sky was clear but no stars were visible. It was very bright and then just disappeared.
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Somerton, Somerset, UK – 07/10/2011
Observing space debris from RA11h 49m 2.02s Dec 51 03’ 10.18” ~ CENTAUR R/B 20:03:21 10° SW 20:09:54 70° NW 20:16:57 10° NE; Cosmos 1455 Rocket 20:04:55 10° N 20:09:09 48° ENE 20:11:56 20° SE; Gbstr 26 Del rocket 20:06:56 10° W 20:11:03 80° N 20:12:44 31° E ~ Noticed in approximate location RA 0h 31m 20.49s Dec 63 41’ 283.81” during this time frame 20:06 and 20:16 two object flying in formation between the moon towards Cepheus constellation and turning North and East towards Cassiopeia constellation. The objects remained in formation at all times and did not deviate in path from each other. Similar to the Cardiff sighting of 31 August 2011, the object came stationary directly under Cassiopeia @ 20:12 and remained stationary for two minutes. At 20:14 the! objects were observed to dive at a steep angle towards the earth and lost observation as objects fell behind visual horizon. I would guess the magnitude of the objects were between 1.7 and -2.2 and were brilliant white in comparison to surrounding constellations.
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Hwy 99 just south of Bakersfield CA – 10/6/2011
Driving NB hwy 99 I stopped to capture a pic of sunset and clouds and caught this light orb floating for a split second before disappearing
Chris G
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Altea Calpe, Spain – 10/06/2011
[direct translate from Spanish] I was bored, it was evening, and yet I wanted to leave, my sister wanted to come with me and I accepted, went to a place in the countryside where we lived, we were lying waiting for nightfall and the stars come out, right there enpezamos to see strange lights were three or four were in a triangular shape and one in the middle seemed a strange ship … estava nervous thinking it might be a UFO and were watching us or something, try to record with my phone but I had a really horrible quality and could not record anything. Do not throw smoke Helicopters thought it was but we realized it was not, I remember one time in my villa calpe saw a UFO moving toward the sun before the sunset as if he wanted to tod! I saw it, was a strange conportamiento also remember this past summer that had strange lights in the night sky at incredible speed to ivan, which I found very strange that nobody knew anything about it online and that they were lights for days by going from here to nurse. Anyway, besides that night with my sister saw a UFO to the mountain direcion Oltamar of Calpe we realized that after he crossed the mountain more than two ivan sigieron running as if something chases them so fast ivan pasava we think something and when we turn we saw a plane that persegia, we knew it was a plane by the shape and threw smoke. My sister panicked after the events because she hates talking about aliens and UFOs, we went home and I could not sleep that night. (It is 100% real story) Apologies for the spelling errors I was not very good at Castilian language.
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Auckland, New Zealand – Thursday 6th Octotber 2011
sighted four triangle shapes of three bright lights followed by several single bright lights all traveling in a West to East direction at about 2015 hrs.Sorry no photos
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India, Maharashtra, Thane – October 5, 2011
Strange Site. Is it a UFO or some kind of under water bunker? Look at the Edges of this bunker. Is it man made or has come from space? It is near Mauritius.
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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – Sunday September 25th, 2011
the afternoon on Sunday the 25th,2011 around 3 or 4 pm, my husband had looked up and seen a fast flying object he said to me hey hun look up at this it doesnt look like a plane!.He thought it was a plane but it was faster and it was going in a straight line, never up or down just straight. I saw it and it was white and fast traveling South towards Masinna New York. My husband is ex military and he even said that was not a plane! it disapeard far south. I do beleive that there is something else on earth than humans! out there….. thank you. Ottawa Canada
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Ireland – 5/10/2011
taken the morning of 05th October in Ireland. Several falling lights, flames seem to managacture shapes from the following plume.
Youtube video link:
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Cincinnati, Ohio – 10/4/2011
I was driving west on OH-562, around 8:30 PM. I noticed a amber colored light, hovering just west of St. Bernard Soap Company. It was too low to be a plane, and the color and intensity of the light was unlike any helicopter or airplane lights. Truly remarkable. I merged onto I-75 south and lost sight of the object.
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33st between 28 ave and 30thave astoria, New York 11102 – october 4 2011
I was walking towards 30th ave to buy some food when some. 3 bright lights in da sky caught my attention at first I thought nothing of it until I saw them moving closer and closer when I saw them forming what looked like a triangle I couldn’t beileve it I was using my phone and was able to take 3 pictures in the first pic u can see the the 3 lights almost into a triangle in the 2nd the 3 lights have formed the triangle and in the 3rd pic you see that they are just a little farther apart after they formed the triangle for a few seconds the 3 lights seemed to go off in different directions I also looked up and was amazed to see a bunch of what looked like stars but many of them were blinking white and a few red you could barely see them and 1 red light in particualry looked as if it was m! oving towards the 3 lights directions that’s all I noticed last night

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Ramstein, Germany – 04Oct 2011 @ 2001
Husband spotted a low floating object triangular shaped with no base, in a bright green color with some white lights around the green sides. He saw it for ten seconds before telling me; I looked up, watched it for float forward for 5 seconds and then it disappeared.
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Colorado Springs – 2011-10-04
I went out around 1PM to do some sky watching and practice taking video as it is very difficult to get a steady moving shot in full zoom as even the slightest motion will shake the crap out of the video.
Anyway while I was looking at the videos and in this one particular video, I notice this small round object flashing light. Almost looks like a rotating mirror.
It comes into the frame at around 25 seconds and you can then see it for the rest of the video.
Watch the lower right of the video. Also watch in 1080p in full screen otherwise you can’t see it.
From Camera:
It was recorded w/ a Canon 5D 21 MegaPixel camera using a 100-400mm zoom lens w/ a 2X extender.
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Clifton, NJ (New Jersey) – Oct 4
Update when I said 10degress I was meaning from straight up… Anyway. Im starting to see something in the sky to the north. It is very colorful. Red and green. I know what planes look like. It is not round, but flat and at a slight angle. The color runs from red to green to white along the line. It has remained there stationary for over 20 minutes. Planes would move no? I checked the star charts and there are no planets or other large objects to the north. Take a look and let me know what you think?
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Clifton, NJ – Oct 3 and Oct 4
Oct 3rd Several objects seen approx 10 degress north at 8:30 pm One bright, I thought it was part of the constellation at that location. I’m bad at naming them, but it was brighter than the other four. I said to my wife “boy there are a lot of stars tonight!” I noticed movement. Bright “star” moved north and faded, with smaller less bright object following close behind.
Oct 4th Several objects about 5 degress east at 8:40 pm. This time there were three to five (my son also witnessed) Brightest one appeared to change direction from west to east and then south east.
Will continue to watch. Sorry no video.
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37˚ 57’North / 22˚ 48’East Greece – 3rd October 2011
Since late August 2 ufo’s appear in the night sky above the area of North East Korinthia prefecture (the 1st in appearance around 20:30) and the South East Korinthian gulf (the 2nd around 21:30). They appear when it is getting dark making difficult to have a clear view of their shapes. The only idea we can get regarding their size, is the distance between the central bright light and the other (smaller ones) on the sides. We concentrate more on the one that appears 2nd. It is following a very slow flight with South West direction. On a first sight it resembles as a star. But even with small binoculars we can see the smaller green/blue lights that are somehow connected to the main light that has a white color. The line of lights of the craft are making an angle from 60˚ (when far) to 0Ë! š (when almost above us) with the ground. While observing these phenomena smaller red lights are flying in the area at much lower heights. When it is very near to us is about 11km away. Other known airplanes & helicopters are easy to distinguish. The 1st craft keeps a steady distance from the 2nd that is not easy to estimate. But it is a large distance. During the last full Moon the 2nd craft kept such flight that never aligned with us and the Moon. It was really interesting. I do not think that was possible from any given point on my area making it impossible to have a view of its shape depicted in front of the Moon disk. We can think that was deliberate. But the most interesting is that the phenomena are repeating EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Unfortunately we do not have the right tools to capture what we see in video. Every enthusiast can come along and see what is happening here. We will try to upload a video from a small sony video camera.
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Croatian Capital, Zagreb – 2.10.2011
object seen yesterday after 23:00hrs by more than 1000 witnesses , few of them captured object .i edit video cause it was too dark and unstabilized.also i must hint you that i have video (at my channel) of lastest 6 sightings ,all new-from last week:Romani, Serbia ,S.Korea, Russia, Argentina and one spectacular blinking ufo from classified location(it is video sender request,one of mine dear friends ),so pls check it.
youtube channel: zetareticulanx
or just search : ufo sightings 2011-click on “filter-channel” and i am first.
Video link:
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Cranbourne, Victoria, Australia – 02 October 2011
I was outside at 8.30 in the evening getting something from mt car, when myself and my neighbour observed a bright star in the sky, no blinker lights to define it as an areoplane, and completely silent.Dogs in the street where barking in unison. The star paused and then changed direction at a 90 degree angle, and continued on a slow but steady path, across the sky from West to East. As it moved from West to East it upbruptly vanished from the sky.
– – – – – – – – – –
Port Douglas, Australia – 2/10/2011
I was sceptical about ufo’s until I moved back to Port Douglas, Australia for my work. While I was sitting down the beach one night I noticed star sized lights in the distance that moved erraticly and changed colour. Sometimes these lights would pulsate a bright white before disapeering.
This was not a one off event, it seems as though every clear night with no cloud I see these strange phenomena. I even show them to other people if they are interested and they can see them aswell. I told my family about them but they insisted that I start seeing a psyciatrist and that I am mentally ill, even though they would not come down the beach to look for themselves.
These sightings have turned my life upside-down and have alienated me from my friends and family, so if you do see something unusual be careful of who you disclose the information to. It looks like there is an extraordinary increase in ufo sightings around the world and must be a precurser for some future event…..
I don’t need anymore proof I KNOW they are here.
– – – – – – – – – –
Piedmont Hills, Milpitas CA 95035 – 10/02/2011
My friend and I were sitting on the side of the road up in Piedmont Hills, and thought we saw what looked like really large planes. Upon further inspection, there were many many 3 lighted aircrafts, and several that looked as if they were simply a bright light that flared, dimmed, and ‘oozed’ with colors. Bright blues, pinks, purples, greens, yellows, reds, and oranges. We also noticed that it looks as if chem trails are being used on a regular basis in our area to hide these views. We had two cloudy/hazy layers over the San Jose/San Francisco bay area, and all the aircrafts stayed inbetween those two layers.
– – – – – – – – – –
North London, Devonshire Hill Lane – 02.10.2011
Sunday 02.10.2011 about 14:00 I was enjoying the sun outside my garden, catching a sun. I looked up to the sky as I heard the plane approaching in far distance. I looked at the plane and suddenly my attention caught what appeared to be shiny object appearing and disappearing for many times in the sky. I stared at the object for about 20 seconds when decided to grab my camera from inside. I did and when images are zoomed in the object looks interesting.

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Chorley, Lancashire, UK – 2/10/11

Just went out side to see what were in the sky and saw some thing going dull and bright. so i ran i side and got my phone.
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Origgio (Varese), Italy – 02 October 2011

At 21:30 i saw 5 orange luminous points on the sky.
I attach a picture where you can see only 2 points.
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Orlando, Florida – 10/1/2011
For the last three weeks some very strange lights are appearing in the front of my house. The first time I saw this big object it was a Friday night in September I went outside to smoke a cigarette, and I thought it was a shining star but for some reason it look different. I never look at the sky, specially at night, but this star was huge and shinning very different. It was like a huge flash light but it was moving like up and down, hovering very slowly. It was 11PM I went back inside the house but I kept wondering because it was too big and too close to be a star. Two days after, around 9PM I went outside to smoke and there it was so I took a picture. But when I look at the picture thats what blew my mind, many little lights are appearing, of course I took the pic with my cell, so! I am thinking ok some kind of mistake but since I took the pic since are getting funky up in the sky. I know that I am not crazy, and I dont believe in ufo’s but I tell you I have never seen such weird stuff. A few days ago was really scary a huge light came crossing the sky it was around 7:30 PM and that day I was really scare. anyway I am sending you guys what I have seen so far. God knows maybe is just some plane or something I dont know, but one thing I am certain, and that is, that there is something very weird up there and I am going to keep watching for it.
– – – – – – – – – –
Vernon Parish, Louisiana – 10/1/2011 – 10/2/2011
For the past two nights at 9:00 pm on my drive home from the gym I’ve seen a very bright stationary white light much larger than any star in the sky. Ive also noticed an increase in helicopters flying at night I live pretty close to a large military base so I’m use to the occasional helicopter in the sky about every other night but for about the past week I’ve seen 5-6 a night. I’ve lived hear about 20 years and never seen this much helicopter activity. Has anyone else noticed this light in the sky? If the light is back tomorrow ill try to get a few pictures of it.
– – – – – – – – – –
Kings Lynn, Norfolk, UK – 01st October 2011
At 2140pm Saturday evening, sighted what I thought was an earoplane as it approached my area heading Eastwards. White blinking light on the Starbourd side, Red (NOT blinking) light on the port side, a white light on it’s undercarriage and a green light on the top of the craft. As it flew over the top of me there was no sound at all, not a jet, not an engine, stealth and quiet. I believe this to be a UFO immitating an earoplane, too late as usual to capture on film, but I will soon. The craft looked Triangular in shape headed East then turning 180 degrees heading west. I was tricked into thinking it was a plane. May be a stealth millitary craft, hard to say.
– – – – – – – – – –
Sacramento, CA, North Natomas – 10/1/11
While walking my dog at approx. 9:30 pm, I saw a bright amber colored (with red fringe) light which appeared to be approaching from the east, low on the horizon. I am used to seeing aircraft, including helicopters, arriving and departing from two nearby airports, but this did not look like an airplane headlight or a spotlight from a helicopter. I wondered if it was a flare, but then it began to move northward. As I scrambled to get my cellphone camera ready, it began to get smaller and appeared to be moving away rapidly. Within a few seconds, it steadily became smaller, then disappeared from view.
– – – – – – – – – –
Port Huron, Michigan – oct. 1 2011
At 8:30pm I was out side and I looked up to the stars and saw what looked like the stars was moveing and then I realize the stars where staying .I could not belive what I was seeing so I got my neighbor out to look to.there was a couple of hundred if not more moving north in no formation. I called a buddy that lives sixty miles south west of me and he could not see anything due to city lights.
– – – – – – – – – –
Manheim, Pennylvania – 10/01/2011
Fireball came right too us and passed over our heads. About 2000 feet up? Their was 6 people who saw it.
No noise, slow moving
– – – – – – – – – –
San Diego, CA – 10/1/11
Approximately 7pm PST, I saw the craziest thing in the sky tonight. Four streaks of light,like fireworks coming down. Then they changed into four..balls of light and moved slowly. Changing their formation and moving about.. The lights were pretty bright and they were in the sky a long time. I was heading north on the 5 freeway and lost sight of them behind the mountains. This seemed to be about 30 miles SE of Camp Pendelton. So, I don’t think they came from there.
– – – – – – – – – –
Lancaster, Ohio in fairfield county by the Fair grounds in the sky i forget which direction – October 1st 2011
I was drivin in downtown Lancaster in Ohio, And in the sky was a very bright whitde light that looked like a star but it flashed about every second maybe less. I knew it wasn’t a plane because 1, it didn’t move. 2. it didn’t have multi colored lights (Most planes have red lights) 3. It never dimmed. I asked the girl in the car who lived there if there was a phone tower or something and she said no she never saw that light before.
– – – – – – – – – –
Merced, CA, Highway 99 – 10/01/2011
we are driving south on highway 99. Just before Madera, CA at 7:30 P.M. (dark). I see a light going over the overpass, like a car but just barely too high to be a car and way too fast. The cars in front and back are braking so I have to keep my eyes on the road. i ask my passenger to watch it. it disappears, then re-appears coming back the other way, barely not hitting the cars on 99 and so low we think it crashes. then, appears again three lights, a triangle shape and tilts left and right coming towards us. we pass and it’s out of view. i look in my review mirror a few seconds (minutes?) later and there is no one behind us – and I had been in the middle of traffic. did they stop behind us? the closest thing it could have been was a remote controlled airplane, but a) who would do that ! on a freeway/overpass? 2) the range was too far east and west we think…. and very very fast and c) i’ve never seen a remote that big.
– – – – – – – – – –
Central Phoenix – September 30th, 2011
I was walking my dog when i saw two green lights making unusual maneuvers above the valley.
– – – – – – – – – –
Westin, Florida – 9/30/2011
it was about 1230am in the north west sky there was a UFO i saw it was cigar shaped and pulsating iridescent color of pink and purple sitting there and then it glided away
– – – – – – – – – –
China Township, Michigan – September 30th 2011
Pulled into driveway and noticed a disc shap object hovering over empty lot approx 700 feet in the air no sound.
Had a lights on either side of disc that blinked alternatly red/white. Lights seemed to wobble slightly at it moved west very slowly and silently!
Hmmmm. . .
– – – – – – – – – –
Hacienda Heights Californa & Rowland Heights California – 9/29/11 & 9/30/11
The sighting were exactly what other people have described they were in groups or just their hoovering over in groups then they would slowly go in the same direction always around the same time between 8:30 until about 10:30 p.m
– – – – – – – – – –
Akumal Avanturas, Mexico – Sept. 29, 2011
4:45 am, star moving eratically. I went outside and watched it for 10 min. No sound. Every 5 to 15 sec. it would move to the right ,left and then fall like a shooting star. It looked like it had oscilating red, blue, and white light (blurry, probably far away). It stayed still and then faded away.
– – – – – – – – – –
Surrey, B.C. Canada – june 29th 2011
At just after noon I was taking out the garbage,the day was cloudy about 10/10ths cloud,as I approached the smithrite something caught my attention straight ahead,when I looked there was nothing to be seen.I kept staring at the same location.the cloud base was low ,no rain,then an object came into view,it had to be flying in the cloud but I was seeing it through a break in the cloud I guess,it was like a large hang glider single wing ,no fuselage,and appeared to be banking to the left,there was no sound.I am used to seeing large airliners pulling this manouver after they depart vancouver to head out west over the pacific,this wasno airliner.the object was in view for about five seconds.I could not take my eyes off that cloud for a couple of minutes.I was hoping for some logical explan! ation before I decided to post this.Y
– – – – – – – – – –
Stanton, California – 9-29-2011
I witnessed two F-18 jet fighters escorting a white sphere, They were flying from the north to south at aprox. 10,000 ft. Running at what i would call full military power, just pushing the speed of sound. Basically tearing a hole in the sky which normally my anyone look up. The craft they were escorting was silent or at least nullified by the jet noise. Plus there were long contrails from both jrts but nothing and i repeat nothing behind the sphere, very odd i thought, grabbed my phone to take a picture by this time so they are considerable ways away. My phone camera was stuck on video so i don’t think ill see anything.
– – – – – – – – – –
Earlestown, nr. St. Helens,Merseyside – 27 sept.2k11
Hi ufo sight.,Arrived home on bus at 8-50 pm.,put cam-corder in tripod and went straight on front.Saw what appeared to be distant star twinkling to NE ,40 deg.and decided to film using 880times digi,and the object blew up to fill screen,which I thought must be unusual for a ‘star’a min. of 4 light yrs.away,and it appeared to be a fiery ball of beautiful green,pinks and yellow.Then I spotted an orange sphere coming from south 35-40mph.800ft.alt.and managed to film as it went bye as close as 100yds.Then I lifted the tripod cam. run and walked to fields north,and filmed as it reached 3mls.It was about 45ft. diam.and Ihave filmed them many times before.Then I noticed a very bright light to east and thought this may be the mother ship.This too filled the screen,and I glanced to nort! h and the orange ball was back in view at 3mls.I forgot to mention that on bus back had seen a large starry object nr.canal but 250 ft.alt.stationary.Again as we neared Earlestown a similar craft with flashing red light moved 3mph. low down.Back-up to the north of town and Ifilmed 2 more craft going north very slowly.Of COURSE I realize the spectacular film of the object to east may be Venus,and I will upload my film shortly Thanks Robert Newton
– – – – – – – – – –
Disneyland, CA – 9/25/11
Three lights flying in triangular formation. Could have been military formation but seemed to move unusually.
– – – – – – – – – –
Lake Powell, Utah – Saturday, September 24th 10pm
I was camping at Lake Powell, Utah on Saturday, September 24th, when I saw a red light in the sky to the north-norhteast around 10pm. At first I thought it was Mars due to its reddish color, but it was brighter than usual. Then it moved slightly upward, and what appeared to be away, and then disappeared. I thought that was strange, but a couple minutes later, there were 7 of these same red lights in the same direction. I watched all of them and it seemed like they were almost floating, like balloons up and away, and ever so slightly moving randomly sideways as they went slowly upwards. They remained visible for about a minute, and they faded away to tiny lights and then completed disappeared. My cousin was with me and saw exactly the same thing. Since I was at Lake Powell with no ! phone, radio, or TV, I amused myself by imagining that we had sent off a bunch of missiles from silos in Wyoming or Colorado, and luckily that wasnt the case. Did anyone else see these red lights moving upward very slowly and then disappearing?
– – – – – – – – – –
Strawberry Pinnacles in Duchesne county Utah – Sept,24,2011
I was at Strawberry Pinnacles in Duchesne County Ut. looking straight up in the sky around midnight on September 24th 2011 and I was concentrating on one “star” in the sky after looking at the “star” for about 1 minute it split into 2 “stars” and then after they sat for about a minute they flew off in 2 different directions, 1 heading south and 1 east. I personally think it was something more Extraterrestrial. I have seen a star explode and satellites pass but this was definitely Something else can anyone help explain?
– – – – – – – – – –
Berlin, Germany – 24th September 2011
I made this photo a week ago in Berlin by chance.
It looks to me like a UFO.
– – – – – – – – – –
Las Vegas, Nevada – September 23rd
UFO fleet spotted over south las vegas around 3am in the morning.
There were a total of 7 but only one was close to the ground.
Theres been a lot of ufos in Las Vegas lately, Ive noticed them appearing more and more throughout the city. There are also probes here as well over the south point and Nellis air force base.
just wanting to see if anyone else saw this…
– – – – – – – – – –
Hoboken, New Jersey – 9 18 2011
my sighting is similar to the land island object.
ufo sighting/9 18 2011 sunday between 10 30am and 10 55 am Hoboken NJ
preface to sighting/
while walking towards the west side entrance of my building on Jefferson st. about 10 28 am i looked up and saw an all white jumbo jet flying west to east. i made specific note of its all white, no markings appearance . the jumbo jet looked very similar to the 911 mystery plane i had remembered seeing on the videos from 911 . then the following/
after the jet passed i looked up one more time prior to going into my building and spotted a bright white totally still object. it was directly above me and at a high altitude above the clouds and about the size of the head of a pin held at arms length. i watched it for about 3 minutes to see it was stationary in comparison to the telephone pole wires and my building. it appeared totally in place and not moving for several minutes. knowing this, i took the chance to run in and get my canon 20 d camera with zoom lens.
i came out and called a neighbor mike who was walking by and asked him to come over and look up and spot it with me. mike did and was also bewildered as to what it was? i took a number of shots hand held and tried to steady the camera, leaning it on the steps wall near my building. after taking about 12 shots as the object remained in place, i then asked mike to watch the object as i again ran in my building to get my tripod. by the time i came out the image began slowly moving west and seemed moving away. i got the camera on the tripod and then leaned it upwards and got about 6-7 more shots.
then to my amazement it started coming back towards the east and towards where I first spotted it. this really struck me as now it could not be a planet, the space station or anything in orbit.
and with the length of time it stood perfectly still i could not possibly see how it could have been a balloon. it also did not follow the apparent wind direction of the clouds and besides changed direction . as it returned, it seemed slightly higher in altitude as it came back to where i first spotted it.
it continued moving east as more clouds were beginning to fill the sky. i took several final shots before it was blocked by clouds and the side of my building. the two final photos demonstrate the heavy clouds and roof top edge of my building.
final thoughts/
the fact that the object sat still in the sky for at least 5 minutes, then moved and changed direction had me truly stumped as to what this could be? it moved very straight no noise and at a very high altitude. however, even at a great distance, i could tell it was not perfectly round and had some shape to it.
after downloading the photos and darkening them , i zoomed in and saw the varied shapes this object made. i have all the original unadjusted shots on the camera as well as the unadjusted downloaded and darkened images compiled on my apple laptop. as a direct witness, i do not believe this was any kind of balloon or know craft, nor did i think it was moving in orbit.
a few days later i spoke to mike and he agreed it was not a balloon or anything he could figure out.
– – – – – – – – – –
Los Banos, California – Sep-10-2011
Canal bank fishing saw strange lights ,got my camera ,snap 20 pitchers, down loaded on my Gateway,,what do you think…

– – – – – – – – – –
South Africa – September 2011
Hey its Charles here, me and my friend were driving arround in the mountains in south africa, i took some random pics while driving but i reviewed them 3 weeks later and saw this strange thing between the mountains.. mab it was a UFO, im not sure. But it sure looks like it
– – – – – – – – – –
Vernon, British Columbia – Aug 3, 2011
I was taking pictures for a friend who decided to jump out of a plane for the first time. While I was watching the plane over head I noticed a strange black object in the distance just over the south-west corner of the city.
I tried to take a few pictures of it but my camera doesn’t have the best of lenses… it did not look like any sort of conventional craft such as a plane or helicopter. Nor could I hear any sound from its direction.. it raised slowly up in the air, cut to the right and then vanished…
one of the pictures I took look better than all the rest however I don’t have the means to properly zoom into it..
from what you can see.. it doesn’t look like anything from around here.
– – – – – – – – – –
1 mile south of Madill, Oklahoma – August ? 2011
We where driving south on highway 70 f during the daytime . My brother said James is that one of those cigar shaped UFOs I looked out to the right and saw a bright huge craft 45 degree angle hovering next to a small cloud .He joked I bet it dont come out the other side . By the time I pulled off at the next road . He said I told u so but look what did. It was a giant smoke ring coming out of the north side at a 45 degree angle no silver object ever came out of the cloud . Several months earlier I point out to my grandiose same thing north of Madill ok hovering north of town told them I thought it was a huge jet. But no sound and no wings . Turned around grabed my phone to take photo it was gone. Can’t see how something that big can just go from sitting still to gone in a second
James and Billy
– – – – – – – – – –

Spirit Lake, Idaho – June 23, 2011

I was laying in my hammock outdoors at 2 P.M. and I saw this large silver object. I knew it wasn’t a plane because we have a private air port less than two miles away and you can hear them when they start, also, we have commercial flights go over our house, but this was much more lower. It was twice as big as a normal commercial plane, and was silver. It was quite a ways above ground by a few thousand feet. Too low to be a plane, but to high to be a kite or a bird. It was moving very slowly, stopped, rose, and then moved again at the same pace as before. I didn’t have a camera, but I found a picture online of what I saw, exatly. I tried to call my brother over, and he got a look at it before it diapered.
Has anyone else seen something like this up here?
Daniela B
– – – – – – – – – –
Neath south Wales, UK – 3/6/2011
I know its a few months old now but I am still trying to find help with this object, Its filmed via a yukon ranger on date shown and must be absolutley huge
Youtube video link:
– – – – – – – – – –
Brisbane, Australia – February and May 2011
The event that I am about to describe occurred between February and May of this year, 2011. Of the exact date I am unsure; this year so far has flown, and in all honesty I actually tried to forget that it ever happened.
It was in the early hours of the morning, well before dawn, and certainly after midnight (I am rarely in bed before then). My best guess would be sometime around 2 or 3am. I had awoken to answer the call of nature. My partner and I live in a “Granny Flat” being a closed off and walled in front verandah of an old colonial house. A visit to the bathroom requires one to go outside and walk around and under the house as this is where the toilet is located. As I walked down the slope along the side of the house, I paused for a moment to take in the beauty of the night. The stars were shining brightly and a few bands of clouds reflected the moonlight. It was at this moment that I noticed something quite unusual. To the southwest of me (from my location at Highgate Hill) I spotted a large spherical object coming out from between two bands of cloud, maybe ten or fifteen kilometers away, moving very slowly in an easterly direction. It seemed quite large; the best visual comparis! on that I could make was with a globe, slightly larger than a soccer ball, at about eight meters; to one’s perspective, it was bigger than the moon or the sun, so I conclude that it was not a weather balloon. It made no sound, and gave off no light; in fact it was more like an absence of something than the presence of something. To my partner I described it as “a big black ball of nothing, moving through the clouds”.
After about thirty seconds, I was overcome with a feeling of guilt, as if I had just seen something I shouldn’t have; the same kind of feeling you’d get after walking in on someone in the shower. I proceeded to the toilet, and then went back to bed.
The following morning, I tried to explain the experience to my partner, however, struggling to make an adequate description of what I had seen, committed myself to forget the whole thing, and left it at that… Until a few days ago, when I found an image of an orb UFO, which reminded me of what I had seen. Some images and footage of orb UFO’s are similar, however, not the same as they all seem to have light and colour associated with them, and they all seem to be seen from a greater distance than what I saw.
I am interested to know if anyone else in Brisbane/Southeast Queensland (or anywhere else in the world, for that matter) has seen anything similar.
– – – – – – – – – –
Fresno, California – this is every day to date 2011
every sence 2010 whin around the sun had been descoverd i have seen this yer in 2011 every day @ now at night what looks like orbs allwas in a formation so hard for most that i no. to see in exception of a few at fist just seemd like a lite shadow moveing axross the sky under ferther investagation i could see the orbs coulsing the shadows and now i see at night time the same thing it seams like thay are trying to blend in with the stars the differents is thay have a lunar look to them isee them evey day and night if i choose to i get bord with some times thats how often i see them i have at least 500 hrs. of sky wach observation
– – – – – – – – – –
Covington, Georgia – All the time
I see these large white ovals in the air all the time, but a couple nights ago… it was more. I had a fever, so my mom wanted me to sleep on the couch, so she could take my temperature every hour. There are eight windows that can be seen from my living room. It was around three in the morning when I woke up, hearing my mom asking my stepdad what something was. I got up to see what they were talking about. All three of us went on the front porch. There was something that looked like a firey disk hovering low in the air across the street! My mom told me to go inside. I couldn’t sleep with my parents talking all night, and I’m glad I didn’t because then I wouldn’t have seen these blue, digital font numbers
show up on the wall through the living room windows! But they didn’t just stay in one spot… they moved across the wall really slow. This is why I believe we’re not the only living things out there! I’m freaking out and need answers, I’m hearing the hovering sounds as we speak! Please, if you know anything… help.
– – – – – – – – – –

Portland, Oregon – February 20, 2008

I was photographing the lunar eclipse from my backyard on February 20, 2008 and after I took a closer look at the downloaded images on my computer I noticed what appeared to be a small imperfection on one of the images. At closer review I saw something that has bewildered me for quite sometime. I have shown some of my friends and they are just as curious on what it is. You will notice that in the enlarged images it appears there is some distortion from the moon to the object. One of my friends thinks the object may be a strobe from a high altitude plane. It am just not convinced that is what it is.
Your opinion?
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