Interview with a person who filmed dead alien in Brazil

Interview with a Jose Luis, a person who recorded dead alien body in Itajuba, Brazil on 26th September 2011.

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Original video:

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  1. Why on Earth would you give this video any credence at all?!?<br /><br />Anyone that is the slightest bit critical can tell this is a CRUDELY put together fake. An 8 year old could have sculpted a more believable corpse.

  2. How can you post a fake video? Even the guy who video taped cannot say this is real since he just video taped it and left it there for whoever that put it there to pick it up.

  3. Wow, did this guy like have an orchestra playing in the background as well? What a coincidence. Nothing like watching an original video with original sound instead of a scripted piece of crap.

  4. FAKE! Even if it was a freeze dried alien..LOL The eye would not be intact. The eyes being the softest, and in this case, the largest tissue exposed to the elements, would not have been left unscathed by insects or predators. Why do people think they can pull this type of thing over on the masses?

  5. this clip is lie lie lie and rubbish<br />1- why all alien without cloths??!!<br />2- why the clip was for couple of seconds only??!!<br />3- why the man did not take the clip in proper way like he has to record slowly and slowly from head to toe<br />4- if you look at the body its very clear shows that its human made doll, done and made in very bad way<br />5- that’s why the man who recorded

  6. yeah, i agree: fake. The one chance to finally have proof of extraterrestrial life and he lets the body out of his sight? I know that fakes are produced to persuade the public that ALL sighting are fake…but damn.

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