A Person with Great Knowledge on UFOs is set to be the Next Representative for Leicester and Leicestershire

Paranormal phenomena and UFOs expert Rupert Matthews will apparently soon to become the next public official to serve under European parliament. East Midlands Tory MEP Roger Helmer announced his decision earlier to quit from his post by the end of the year.

Matthews has two children and he has been the author of a lot of books on UFOs, aliens, spirits, history and military. He is also a publisher of various books from different writers such as Mr. Helmer.

One of his famous books is entitled “UFOs: A History of Alien Activity from Sightings to Abductions to Global Threat, Unexplained Ghosts and Spirits and The Sasquatch.”
City Conservative councilor Ross Grant describes Matthews as a friendly person who is also an effective campaigner.
Chairman of Leicester Conservative Association Andy Bayford thinks that Matthews will become a good voice for Leicester and Leicestershire in the European Parliament. 
Matthews refused to be interviewed about the news because he was told not to comment about it but said that Roger Helmer’s work enthusiasm is difficult to follow.
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  1. I saw the UFO sighting in Myrtle Beach and knew there were lights seen.I had reported a sighting/encounter the week before to MUFON.The encounter was in Florence,SC around 50 miles from Myrtle Beach.The bright light in the W/NW sky was sighted around 1:30am Monday Oct.3rd.The light looked like a brilliant star except it was going off and on…like a light switch.I observed this for around 15 min.

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