UFO lights flying over Montreal sky in Canada 6-Oct-2011

Latest UFO sightings – Interesting video of multiple lights dancing over Montreal sky line in Canada. This footage was recorded on Thursday, 6th September 2011. According to the author of the video, this  lasted for about 2 hours.
Your opinion does matter! Do you think this is real or CGI? Leave your comments below!

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  1. I SAW THAT TOO!<br />i live in Montreal and i saw the exact same lights! to all you sceptics, those lights weren&#39;t made by human, no way. they were over the clouds, you can&#39;t see this very good in this video. But it was spectatular. a lot of people in our street saw it, but it was quite late…<br /><br />nothing in the news!

  2. To both Anonymous:<br />i&#39;m guessing you didn&#39;t even see that phenomenom? but yet you just said it&#39;s fake??<br /><br />believe me! this was 100% real!<br /><br />this was once in a life time phenomenom and i&#39;m glad i saw it!

  3. I don&#39;t think this is spotlights in the sky as they don&#39;t move in a predictable elliptical pattern that&#39;s usually seen with spotlights. too bad the video is so short and poor quality–maybe someone else has better clip?

  4. Hi everyone,<br /><br />I was there and I saw it ! This was only an event where they where using huge sky spotlights. I assure you that this was not extraterrestrial. This was completely and totally human made.

  5. these lights are man made… these lights are giants search lights that the winter festival place just just put up to to promote their new esplanade!!<br />i watched them from ground up… so …please, be a bit more serious about that crap cuz serious stuff is happening world wide on the ufo case, and it discrediting the sériousness of it.

  6. I saw the same thing, amazing dancing lights right over the clouds at around 01:00am.The lights disappeared with the clouds.<br />Someone got an idea of what it is ?

  7. These are not ground based lights. The lights are originated in the mid-air or clouds. Also, the lights are not in a rotary/circular pattern. Half way through the circle, they jerk back before another half-circle starts. Ground-based lights do not or cannot behave like that. These lights were also in different areas of the sky, observed by 3-4 individual open-minded humans, as opposed to zombies

  8. Those were indeed spotligths from downtown Montreal (from le &#39;Quartier des Spectacles&#39;). <br />They were turned on once more last night (Oct 10th), and had a chance to see them for myself…

  9. Reminds me of the daytime orb sighting over the BBC Building in London a few months back. Same type of movements. One of you computer wiz kids should compare the two side-by to see if the are? <br /><br />Like I said on another comment. If these orbs &amp; craft are moving like that and are controlled by intelligent beings then they are having way too much fun up there! There is no way they are

  10. search lights … sorry to say this…you have internet , go see whats montréal as to offer!!<br />creativity( people can manipulate shearch lights)<br />its called interventions-artistiques!!

  11. Free Tripods for everyone. No-one can stop and steady the Camera on the car or something. I need a valium. Saw a Plane or two in some of the last. I believe but planes do turn on Landing lights on approach and Final.

  12. I&#39;m looking at the &quot;lights&quot; right now, in Montreal on oct 11th 2011, it is now 11:53 pm and I&#39;m looking towards the downtown area from the fourth floor and the lights clearly are promotionnal spotlights. I&#39;ve noticed them about 10 days ago, and they have been on every night.<br />I have seen weird lights in the sky myself, but that is not it.

  13. Last night from the south shore of Montreal around 9pm, a series of lights spinning very similar to the video taken Oct 6 montreal…cool to watch, very skeptic as to anything out of this earth…

  14. I just saw these same lights 20 minutes ago! Me and my mom were so intrigued by these lights, some would move really fast and some would just scatter around. At one point they formed a circle and stood still and as time came, they disappeared through the clouds<br />10:00 pm – 11:40 pm

  15. Hi i live in montreal and i can assure u this is only show lights for a festival.It lasted for almost a wheek every night…Sorry no ufos this time

  16. I live in a apartment on the 3rd floor in Longueuil, 4 miles from there (South-East of Montreal). From my living room door I can see this every night until 11:00pm. These are not UFO&#39;s. We have this spotlights show over Montreal every night since almost a month, and it goes on for hours.<br /><br />Serge (2011-10-24)

  17. youtube.com/watch?v=HgFgr5CFXWs
    there you go.. saw them flying over my house and im in montreal but pointe de l iles North east of montreal thats not near downtown, lasted maybe 2 – 3 hours you can see the light beaming from over the cloud

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