Triangle UFO sighting in Pine Bush, New York 5-Oct-2011

UFO sightings – New video of triangle-shaped craft (Tr-3b?) in the night sky over Pine Bush in New York. This was film on Wednesday, 5th October 2011.
Witness report: Nice shot of one of the Orion ships flying in reverse, these craft are completely reversible and can fly in any direction they wish, even sideways and upside down!
the consoles of these craft adjust to the direction the pilot wishes to fly, and the HUD are controlled by thought.
Author (orionifo @ youtube)

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  1. I subscribe to this YT channel, there are hundreds of videos like this one with no frame of reference, no zooming out or in, not holding camera still to get idea of speed. To endorse videos like this seems to feed into the disinformation. Provides youtube fodder for ridicule in a way…just saying。。。。✿*゚゚・✿*゚゚・*゚゚・✿*.。☆.ツ ㋡ ☺

  2. It was an airplane. You can even hear the sound of the jets in the background. Catching real unidentified aircraft is difficult, but don't resort to deception to get attention – that discredits others who are serious about this subject.

  3. You can even hear that it&#39;s a fucking jet! I mean jesus read the text to this clip and tell me this isn&#39;t a load of bollocks.<br />Bring back lanterns thats what I say.

  4. This doesn&#39;t look like any plane i saw – talking about the lights.<br /><br />And there is a military base not far away from there… Maybe there are testing some secret craft, like tr-3b??

  5. What are you on about jets? You can&#39;t hear anything apart from the commentary. Yes this could be a plane but its strange how can&#39;t hear the engines.<br /><br />Makes you wonder?????

  6. It mabye jet, what is deal with Orion? And they do have a vertical take off and landing jet. Id think they are past that area.

  7. Ok, It obviously is a plane of some sort. If you cannot hear its engines. I suggest you turn the volume up. I would also venture to say that it has its external landing lights on which I assume are placed in the wings. I see these all the time and they are planes. Dont get me wrong. I am a believer, but this video isn&#39;t proving a damn thing. Lets stick to the ones that leave no doubt!

  8. hmm Actually, it a ship. It stealth watcher, seeker i dont know what kind. But it is going backwards. It also explain to its shape know to be the strongest shape in the universe. Who ever made this film, I hope you mean be your new spot for filming meaning you probly see this alot, or have contact with this thing? Many may think this jet, but no telling because you wernt there.

  9. Jet. They are triangular too. You can hear it and what you are seeing is after burners as well as flight lights. That&#39;s how you hear it so well. Jeeze.

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