Alien Signal Still A Mystery

The signal received from interstellar space in 1977 remains controversial.
The signal received from deep space has yet to defy a natural explanation. The record of a signal was discovered by researchers working at Ohio State University’s Big Ear radio observatory in 1977.
Professor Paul Davies, chair of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), said that the signal is called “Wow” which was in the computer record printed out on sheets of paper.
Davies described that the signal was a long pulse and was not a blip. Until now the signal is never been explained satisfactorily as natural phenomenon.
The search for extraterrestrial intelligence was considered as ridiculous by early 60’s mainstream scientists and that the search for it was likened to searching for fairies, according to Davies. He added that life is believed to be special during that time and can only be found in Earth.
The signal was coming roughly from the Sagittarius constellation but has never been repeated again. Davies said that there is a great possibility that radio astronomers could pick up another signal if they have had time to point their telescopes on that part of the sky again. However, given the present technology, astronomers cannot observe one part of the sky for a decade. (c) 2011
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